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Let’s do it for Lottie!
Monday 14th May 2018 @ 14:44 by Lee Wild
Denton & Audenshaw News

Fundraising is underway to help send a young Denton girl to America for a life changing operation.

Three-year-old Lottie Simpson suffers from a condition called Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, which means the muscles in her legs are tight, making it difficult to walk unaided.

Her parents, Tom and Vicky, are attempting to raise £80,000 to take little Lottie to St Louis, Missouri, for a ‘selective dorsal rhizotomy’ – an operation that sees a surgeon altering nerves in the spinal cord to reduce the tightness of the leg muscles. 

But the operation is complex and not available on the NHS. However it is available in America.

At the family home in Denton, Lottie’s parents told us she’s just like any other little girl.

“She goes to nursery four mornings a week. She goes swimming and we try to do that one or two times a week. 

“She’s happy, funny and cheeky, she just wants to do everything that other children do. She’s able to take part in everything.

“It is referred to as a disability but I don’t see it as one really, it’s a physical condition.”

In America one doctor, Dr Park, has completed around 3,500 operations.

The £80,000 will pay for everything that Lottie and the family need – including travel to the US, hospital fees and equipment for physiotherapy to strengthen Lottie’s muscles post-operation.

Vicky said: “She knows we’re going to America and she knows we’re going to see Dr Park. We have said he’s going to look at your legs but she doesn’t fully understand anything yet. 

“We had an email so we’ve been put on the cancellation list for October because we said as soon as we’ve raised £50,000 to £60,000 we can go to America and then it’s a case of raising the rest for the rehabilitation. 

“If not it’ll be April next year because that’s how busy they are.”

Lottie’s condition was caused during birth after Vicky went into Labour 10 weeks early – on the day of her own mothers wedding! After giving birth an MRI scan revealed that Lottie had a bleed on the brain which had caused damage.

With such a large amount now needed to make a life-changing difference, the family have a number of exciting fundraising events planned.

Fundraising kicks off with a charity night at Denton Labour Club on 9 June with a night of entertainment and a raffle, whilst on 1 September a close family friend has set up ‘Lottie’s Little Festival’.

Andy Hirst has organised the day at the Acres Pub in Denton, and will compromise of a football tournament in the morning before bands and vocalists take to the stage in the evening with a series of performances. That’ll be complemented with food stalls and pop-up shops and there’ll also be a visit from Corrie’ star Dean Fallon.

Over £12,000 has already been raised and you can donate online here and keep up to date with efforts on Facebook by searching “Lottie’s Little Legs”