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Local carnival arts charity loses everything in mill fire… and now they need your help
Monday 26th March 2018 @ 17:02 by Tom Greggan
Community Mossley & Saddleworth Stalybridge Tameside

A Mossley-based charity is appealing to the public’s help after more than 15 years worth of work, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, was destroyed in the Ray Mill fire over the weekend.

Global Grooves is one of the UK’s leading Carnival arts organisations, bringing inspirational carnival practice from around the world into communities across the UK.

Locally, Global Grooves were responsible for creating the popular Mossley Light Festival and Tameside Winter Carnival. In February, a group of 39 joined the organising committee of the Kartong Festival in Gambia, sharing their expertise and helping them to maximise the potential of the event.

Global Grooves’ stunning artwork was the highlight of the Tameside Winter Carnival.

While the charity is based in Mossley’s Vale Mill, they used a workshop space in Ray Mill and had moved all their puppets, artwork and equipment there to prepare for the summer season of festivals and carnivals.

Now, the charity faces a race against time to replace the work in time for their summer schedule, but first they need to find the funds.

“We’re still in a bit of shock,” said Global Grooves CEO Leon Patel. “It’s a whirlwind trying to get everything together; we’re scenario planning to try and work out what we do next.

“There was work in there from when we formed back in 2001. The puppets take ten months to make so our members have put an awful lot of time into it.”

The spectacular pieces have been destroyed in the Ray Mill fire and Global Grooves need the community’s help to re-create them.

Global Grooves has launched a fundraising page with an aim of raising £20k, just some of the funds needed to get the charity back on it’s feet.

“There were around 30 pieces of work in there, each worth £10k-£15k each,” Leon said. “We’ve got some contracts coming up worth hundreds of thousands of pounds so if we’re not able to fulfil them, it’s going to put the charity in serious financial difficulty.

“If we can’t raise the money to reproduce the lost work, it’s going to have a serious impact on the charity but we’re feeling positive that we can.”

To support Global Grooves, a local charity who make a difference around the world, you can donate at