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LISTEN Boxing buff Charlie makes it 13 straight victories
Wednesday 7th March 2018 @ 14:31 by Mark Phillip

Professional boxer Charlie Schofield has extended his winning run to 13 matches after beating opponent Adam Jones on a points decision at the Oldham Leisure Centre on Saturday night.

The 24-year-old light heavyweight, who turned professional just over three years ago, said he was delighted to overcome a tough test and a good opponent in tricky conditions. Speaking to Reporter Sport following the victory, Charlie said: “It wasn’t my best performance but I had to dig deep and show true grit, and when the going gets tough I get going as well.”

After being made aware of his opponent just two nights before the fight, Charlie was somewhat unaware of Jones’ capabilities. However, he felt he adapted well to the conditions and believes his training camp covered all potential angles. He added: “We found out two days before the fight who I’d be facing, so by that point all my training, tactics and plans had been completed, so taking the fight at short notice definitely made the scenario a whole lot harder.

“We would usually tailor the sparring to a specific opponent, and then we would work on the pads as well. Sometimes things like this can’t be helped, so we did everything we could in training and on the night, and thankfully it paid off.”

Under the guidance of coach Rob Rimmer, Charlie has developed as a boxer and is already planning for his next fight. After speaking with promoter Steve Woods, Charlie says he can’t wait to get back in the ring and extend his streak to 14 consecutive victories. “He’s always in my corner and he supports me 100 per cent of the way” said Charlie of Rimmer.

“Not only is he a good coach but he’s a good mate of mine now as well, and it’s good to have that bond. I have his trust going into the ring.

“I’ve spoken with Steve Woods, the promoter, and we’re looking at May 5.

“It’s not confirmed yet, but hopefully it will be at Victoria Warehouse, although I’m not too sure if it’s going to be for a belt or if it’s going to be a 6 or 8 rounder.”

Questioned if he would like the opportunity to claim a title in his next bout, Charlie said: “I’m not too sure really; I’d like to think that I’m always progressing and moving forward, but it doesn’t always need to be for a title or belt to do that.

“I have full faith in my coach and my promoter, so I’ll see what they advise me to do and I’ll just make sure that I do my best to tackle the next challenge ahead.”

Following the victory on Saturday, Charlie was joined by family and friends at an after party at Grosvenor Casino.

He said the event was a great opportunity to hear people’s views on his fighting ability – something he values highly. “We enjoyed great hospitality at Grosvenor as always” said Charlie.

“My friends and family were over the moon with the victory. It was a tough fight, and they did see a different side to me where I had to dig deep and grit my teeth.

“I’d normally be able to showcase my boxing skills, but I was prevented from doing that on Saturday. It was a bit of a slugfest, but people seemed to enjoy seeing that side to me.

“It was great to listen to everyone’s views in the casino. When I’m in the ring I only see my view of things, and I’m really self critical, so to hear everybody’s feedback is beneficial.”