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WATCH Lilywhites look to local community for fundraising help
Wednesday 7th March 2018 @ 13:41 by Mark Phillip
Football Sports

Mossley Football Club is appealing to the local community to help raise money for ground improvements.

Organised by committee member Matthew Hayton, the club is looking to generate £18,000 in order to make vast improvements to the Lilywhites’ home.

Broken down into three phases, the £18,000 will be channelled into the following projects:

  • The first £2,000 will be used to resurface the driveway into Seel Park – this will ensure a safe way to enter the ground and improve disabled access.
  • If the club reaches £10,000 the home changing rooms will be upgraded – this will ensure the Lilywhites meet league regulations
  • If the desired total of £18,000 is met, the club will replace the roofing – another stipulation enforced by the Northern Premier League

As we went to press, the club had so far raised £1,460 on its community fund web page. Speaking to Reporter Sport, Hayton outlined why the local community should support the initiative. “Some of the plans are due to league regulations” he said.

“We do need to meet some of those in order to comply with what the league wants us to do, but it’s off our own back as well. We want to do more for Mossley, and we believe Mossley deserves better facilities.”

If the club can meet its £18,000 target, Hayton believes Seel Park can become a community hub for the whole town to enjoy. He added: “If we can do the changing rooms, all our teams will come ‘in-house’ if you like, and they can use the pitch more, the ground more, and the facilities would be better for teams of all ages.

“The youth teams use Seel Park at the moment, but we can’t cope with the volume. The facilities are quite old, but we make the best of things.”

Those interested in making a donation can do so on the following link: