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Raising awareness of hate crime

Don’t be a bystander to hatred and prejudice is the call to residents across Greater Manchester as part of this year’s Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Every person across the region is being urged to sign the Greater Manchester Promise to never stand by if they see someone being abused or attacked because of who they are.

People can sign up to the promise at

Numerous events have been taking place across the area including  more locally with Tameside Council Deputy Leader and Dukinfield Councillor John Taylor explaining: “We are raising awareness of hate crimes all this week at various places across Tameside, with a focus on young people with events at Tameside College and Ravensfield Primary School in Dukinfield and also in Hyde on Friday.

“It is about making people aware that they do not have to tolerate these sorts of crimes.

“It may be name calling or more threatening or serious behaviour, and we want to make people aware if they need help it is available.

“People should not have to put up with this kind of crime – it’s not right and we must make a stand against all discrimination.”

Greater Manchester Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Bev Hughes said: “The people of Greater Manchester have shown the world how we stand together in solidarity against those who would seek to divide us, and in support of those who face violence or abuse because of who they are.

“Our voice is stronger if we speak together, and if people sign the promise, it sends out a clear message that we stand together.”

Hate crimes are acts of hostility, such as violence or verbal abuse, directed at someone because of who they are.

It’s things like someone being spat at because they are black, or being called names because they are a Muslim and wear a headscarf, or being beaten up for being gay.