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Special delivery! Grateful parents thank A&E staff who delivered baby in a car park
Thursday 25th January 2018 @ 15:31 by Tom Greggan
News Tameside

A grateful family returned to Tameside Hospital today to give heartfelt personal thanks to staff who saved their little baby boy’s life – in the A&E car park.

Alex and Nicole Campbell had only recently moved to Ashton with their three-year-old daughter Jasmine and were looking forward to welcoming the newest member of their family when near tragedy struck in November.

Everything had been progressing well for Nicole who was just two days over her due date when she started to go into the early stages of labour.

Richie Campbell was born in very dramatic circumstances in November but is now a happy and healthy baby.

The couple called Alex’s mum to look after Jasmine and prepared to make their way to Stepping Hill Hospital where Nicole planned to have her baby. But things soon took a dramatic twist.

“We realised it was an emergency situation about a minute after we set off from home,” Alex said. “Things escalated very quickly to the point where we were on the way to Stepping Hill but we managed to divert off and head for Tameside.

As soon as we turned around, Nicole’s waters broke. I was in a state of panic but we made it here. I ran inside to ask for help and straight away the team came out.”

Dr Hyder Qureshi and Emergency Nurse Practitioner Joanne McMahon were there and they immediately ran to the aid of a ‘petrified’ Nicole who was on the front passenger seat of the car with the door wide open.

Joanne explained: “I went outside and saw Dad stood at the side of the car in a state of panic, as you would be. I went to the car, opened the door and Mum was lay across the front seat of the car. Baby’s head was already there so I just tried to keep Mum as calm as possible by talking to her.

At this point, the rest of the team had arrived. Dr Qureshi and the rest of the nursing team had come running out to help.”

Parents Alex and Nicole thanked Dr Hyder Qureshi and Emergency Nurse Joanne McMahon who rushed to their aid that night.

Dr Qureshi made a quick examination and discovered the baby was already arriving but umbilical chord was wrapped twice around his neck.

“It’s very rare to see the umbilical chord wrapped around the neck twice,” he said. “You don’t have minutes to decide or for help. It’s a very tricky situation; within seconds you have to make a decision to relieve the chord and deliver the baby. By this time, Nicole was very tired and there were no contractions.”

Joanne held the baby’s head while Dr Qureshi removed the umbilical cord and within five minutes the baby boy was born. Richie was placed on his mum’s tummy but didn’t cry, and there were a few anxious moments while Hyder patted his back, rubbed him gently until he eventually cried.

Mum and baby were taken into the hospital’s Maternity Unit, examined and luckily found to be none the worse for their ordeal.

Today, the Campbell family made an emotional return to Tameside Hospital to say thank you to Dr Qureshi and Joanne, who they firmly believe saved not only baby Richie’s life, but mum Nicole’s too.

Richie received lots of love and attention on his return to Tameside Hospital today.

“I was in total shock,” Nicole said. “Even though he was two days late, I didn’t expect it to all happen so quickly. As soon as we got up to maternity, Ritchie was fine and everyone was really helpful.

“Hyder, Joanne and the team were just fantastic. We can’t thank them enough.”

Richie is only the second baby Hyder has ever delivered – the first was many years ago when he undertook his GP training.

He and Joanne said it was great to see a contented Richie with his parents and his big sister Jasmine.

Joanne said: “It’s amazing to see Ritchie so healthy and the family so happy. There is a worrying time where you think, ‘Is something going to go wrong?’ But it’s fantastic to see that he is well.”

Dr Qureshi added: “I’m extremely happy to see Ritchie healthy and happy. I will remember him throughout my life.”