Mark Heffron “I’ll fight for the English title”
Friday 8th December 2017 @ 15:14 by Mark Phillip

Promising boxer Mark Heffron, who is currently training under the guidance of boxing legend Ricky Hatton, has claimed he is gunning for a British title in 2018.

Part of Hatton’s exciting stable of fighters at Hatton gym, the undefeated puncher has an outstanding record of 18 wins and 14 knockouts.

Asked whether a British title was on his eye for 2018, ‘Kid Dynamite’ replied: “100% %, well I’m dropping out of middleweight now, Tommy Langford’s got the British and Liam Cameron’s got the Commonwealth. “

Heffron was meant to fight in his hometown of Oldham on December 16th but was forced to pull out due to a hand injury.

However that won’t stop him coming back even stronger next year.

“I’ll have one more fight and hopefully I’ll fight for the English title in February/March so I’ll get the English title and that’ll be it then.”

Heffron became the first man to stop Lewis Taylor with a 7th round TKO win in November to cap off a strong year.

“I put on a good performance, I thought I started off a bit slow but I got into it after a round or two and I found that he was easier to hit.”

2017 has also seen victories over the likes of Istvan Zeller, in Oldham, and Achilles Szabo, and his recent form may be due to him training at Hatton’s gym since June.

“It’s good, I enjoy it, we have a laugh in the gym and that but obviously when we start, when we train, it’s hard training and I’m learning a lot off Ricky”, answered Heffron when asked what it was like training under the guidance of ‘The Hitman’.

The highly rated boxer even earned plaudits from Hatton himself earlier this year when he said that he saw similarities in Heffron’s style and believed that he could be the resurrection of the former boxing champion.

On the comments, Heffron said: “It was good, he was an aggressive fighter, threw a lot of punches like myself.

“He’s just passing it down to me now from what he did.”

As well as Hatton, the 26-year-old has sparred with other big names such as Amir Khan, and his performances even gained praise from Cuban boxer and multiple world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux on Twitter.

“It was a great experience, I’ve learned a lot sparring with Amir Khan.

“I’ve sparred with loads of people, I’ve been all over the country.”

By Ethan Wooding