Howzat for future planning!?
Monday 18th December 2017 @ 14:19 by Mark Phillip

Cricket action at the moment might be centred on events in Australia although it might be best to draw a veil over that!

But even though the new season is four months away there’s been plenty of activity at Ashton CC.

With the 2018 season seeing the Club move into the Greater Manchester League it gave the chance for the Committee to plan the way forward for the Club, and the clear outcome was that there needed to be an improvement in facilities. Reporter Sport spoke to Club President David Mellor who told us: “As a Club we have been well aware that in order to fulfil our vision of providing cricket for all we need to be able to offer the best facilities possible. What we currently have does not fit the bill and so we have embarked on an ambitious programme of improvement”.

The first stage of the project has been to install a three lane net facility. David explained how the new facilities will help players improve:  “As we look to deliver the coaching needed to help youngsters to develop their skills and also provide better facilities for our senior players the provision of the best quality nets has been crucial”.

Ashton have used what was previously tennis courts to facilitate the new nets

And the progress that has been made over the last month has been impressive.

The Club has used an area of vacant land which was previously used, nearly 30 years ago, as tennis courts and has been assisted hugely by support from a number of organisations. David continued: “We are really grateful for the assistance we have been given in helping us to deliver the project.

“There has been technical and financial help from the England & Wales Cricket Board; the Lancashire Cricket Board and Great Neighbourhoods.

“In the space of three weeks the site has been transformed and the nets are now ready for action. They provide us with a real impetus as we look forward to the new season but equally importantly to the long term future of the Club”

The improvement in the facilities will be helpful in attracting new players who are keen to have a new challenge. More information is available by contacting the Club at [email protected]

By Martin Frost