Snow is expected by the weekend
Monday 4th December 2017 @ 20:23 by Adam Higgins
Greater Manchester News Tameside

Forecasters have warned that temperatures are set to plummet dramatically in Tameside and Greater Manchester later in the week, bringing snow and ice.

Flurries of snow are expected to spread across the area on Friday, heading into Saturday, after a mild spell with temperatures reaching 12 degrees on Wednesday – which is above average for this time of year.

The Met Office say: “Low pressure will move out of the way on Friday and behind is colder air. Arctic maritime air masses will see temperatures drop from double figures of 11 or 12 degrees, plummet to two degrees.

“It will be blustery with wind reaching speeds of 30mph. The air is cold and with that wind it’s going to struggle to feel it’s above freezing. Because of the cold air any rain will fall as snow or hail on Friday going into Saturday.

“There will be ice on the roads on Saturday morning and possibly on Sunday morning as well. Saturday will see bright sunshine and will be crisp bright day, but any showers will fall as snow.”

It’s not yet known how much snow there will be, with rest of Sunday set to feel colder than the rest of the week with temperatures around five degrees.

Next week is also going to be cold with some frost in areas around Greater Manchester.