They’ve got the power!
Friday 8th September 2017 13:49 Sports Posted by Mark Phillip

Olympic Sports Gym were out in force at the regional championships last weekend. The NWPL North West Championships were held in the heart of the North West Strength Expo at Bowlers in Old Trafford. The Championships ran over two days and featured some of the strongest people in the region.

Lucy Jackson was competing for the third time in as many months. She was 3rd at the Lancs & Cheshire in June, 2nd at the Cumbria Championships and has stepped up this time to win and become North West Powerlifting Champion!


Lynzi and Lucy

An incredible achievement in such a short space of time for this young ex-weightlifter. Lucy was coached on the day by local legend Gary Boulton which surely helped her break her own junior NW records including a squat of 155kg, a deadlift of 182.5kg and a record breaking total of 412.5kg. Lucy will next be competing at the British Junior Championships up in Glasgow in November.

Lucy said: “Competition was mint – amazing environment and super friendly compared to Oly lifting as everyone cheered even if they didn’t know you whereas that doesn’t usually happen at oly comps.

“It was better this time having my little sister compete along side of me – seeing my mum and dad and grandparents in the crowd makes it even more motivating and fun.

“I got into powerlifting because of the Olympic Sports Gym and it was more convenient for me to powerlift.

“I have to lift, it’s a part of everyday life and a coping mechanism for everyday stuff – Plus why would you follow female stereotypes?

“Powerlifting is possibly the best thing I’ve done “.

Lucy competed alongside her sister Kate for the very first time. Kate competed in the 84kg class and managed to put in a qualifying total for the British Junior Championships on her very first try so she will be lifting alongside Kate in November. An impressive debut.

Lucy and Kate

Lynzi Shepherd competed in her second ever competition and despite having some difficulty on bench press, managed an impressive 125kg personal best on squat at a tiny 67kg bodyweight.

Danny Whittall competed in the very competitive 74kg class. Things didn’t go to plan on squat and bench but a 10kg PB on deadlift must have more than made up for it. Danny said: “My comp went ok, but I struggled to perform my best due to a huge weight cut which I now realise I should have done more intelligently by tapering my weight over a longer period. I was happy to place 5th and I still managed to increase my total by 10kg.

“I got into powerlifting by first going to the gym to try and rehab my leg after almost losing my foot in a motorcycle crash. As I started to get healthier and stronger it become more of an ambition to push myself and see what my limits were.

“I had never heard of powerlifting but OSG had a lot of history with weight lifting and Strongman. I started to ask about getting into strongman and was given advice to try powerlifting.

“I had a look into it and fell in love with it, seeing all the great lifters in the gym and seeing people a lot smaller and younger than me moving massive weights with ease. It made me want to push myself to become better than I ever had been”.


Ben Jenkins competed in the 93kg class on the Sunday in only his second competition with North West Powerlifting. He has been training hard all year and it really showed on the platform. All his lifts looked comfortable and well within his capabilities. The 93kg was absolutely dominated by British Universities Champion Ed Hanson but Ben was a creditable second place in a tough field. He achieved personal bests in every lift and added 50kg to his total since competing in January. Ben will also be competing at the British Juniors in November so OSG will be well represented in Glasgow.

Ben says: “I am very happy with how the competition went, achieving 9/9 was the main goal with a view to qualify for the Junior National championships. My older brother got me in to powerlifting when I was in school, competing for the first time in 2014″.

The OSG Powerlifting Team is going from strength to strength which is probably why they are leading the NWPL Club League at the moment and look on track to take the shield at the end of the year.

By Jo Whiteley