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Daredevil Denton South Councillor freefalls for Willow Wood
Monday 18th September 2017 @ 17:20 by Lee Wild
Denton & Audenshaw News Tameside

A brave Denton South Councillor has thrown himself out of an aeroplane to raise money for a local charity.

Councillor George Newton took up the daredevil challenge, despite being terrified of heights.

He’s already raised over £800 for Willow Wood Hospice, who provide care and respite to terminally ill people in Tameside. His original target was £300, but he’s now upped that to £1,000 after smashing through his original estimate.

George jumps from the plane

He undertook the challenge last Saturday (16 September) from an airfield in Lancaster, jumping from 10,000ft above the lake district. He fell for around 40 seconds, plummeting to earth at around 130mph, before his tandem instructor pulled the cord to release the parachute and bring them slowly back down.

Despite a fear of heights, Cllr Newton said he didn’t feel too many nerves: “I didn’t really feel nervous until I was in the plane and the girl infant of me opened the hatch, that totally terrified me.

“The instructor pushed both of us around the plane and we span around a little bit.

“I can’t say I enjoyed it too much, it is a buzz, it’s a rush, but I’m not too sure about the actual freefall. It felt like 4 weeks but was only about 30 or 40 seconds of falling.”

Despite not enjoying the freefall, once the parachute opened George said he was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery:

“Once he opened the parachute I felt amazing. There was beautiful scenery and I could see all of the lake district.

“The actual parachuting part was an experience, but with the chute open I could enjoy the scenery and a sense of accomplishment.”

The money raised will help to fund Willow Wood Hospice, which requires around £2million annually. Most of the money has to come from donations and the councillor has a long affiliation with the charity:

Back down on solid ground

“I’ve paid for the whole experience so 100% of the donations goes to the hospice.

They rely on people doing crazy and ridiculous things like this.”

Fundraising is still open and you can make a donation to George’s jump by visiting or by texting GNWW99 + £ and your amount to 70070.