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Tour-ific Preparation begins for the 2018 edition
Monday 7th August 2017 @ 12:40 by Mark Phillip

Tour of Tameside organiser Kevin Harmer has described the latest event as a ‘huge success’.

Equipped with positive feedback from this year’s tour, Kevin is optimistic that the 2018 edition will be even better, as he told Reporter Sport: “From the feedback that we’ve seen it’s been a huge success again.

“We’ve actually doubled the number of runners that took part in 2015 when we relaunched the tour, which is a fantastic statistic for everyone involved and goes to show that there is an appetite from the people of Tameside to get involved, working towards a goal, and being part of something that puts Tameside in all the right lights.”

Although Kevin is tasked with organising races across the world on a day-to-day basis, he insists that the Tour of Tameside is very much up there with some of the best.

Explaining what makes the tour unique, Kevin said: “The camaraderie between everybody, the passion and the friendliness of those taking part.

“We’re involved in organising a lot of races, but the Tour of Tameside is the most unique race that we do because people often come back day after day, they see the people who they ran with the day before and they want to run with them again.

“I think it’s the friendly nature of the race which will always stick with me”.

While there’s an appetite from certain runners to expand the event beyond four days, Kevin insists that the tour will stick to its current format for 2018. He said: “There was an appetite from a certain amount of runners to extend the race.

“I think that was mainly from people who remembered the tour when it was a six day event, but for us, i don’t know why we would change it if it’s so successful now.

“I think it’s important to remember that this is only year three of brining it back, so 2018 will be year four.

“It’s all about keeping it established, tweaking it slightly where we need to, and continuing to build on that where we can”.

The tour has been successful, in no small part, thanks to the efforts of various partners, businesses, charities and volunteers.

Kevin acknowledges this fact, and thanked those who helped out. He said: It’s a huge thank you from everybody at Sports Tours, and on behalf of all the runners that are involved as well, because without sponsors, charities, partners and volunteers the tour simply wouldn’t exist, so it’s a huge thanks from all of us, and hopefully we will see you all next year as well”.

Despite taking place in ten months time, planning and preparation for next year’s race is already underway.

In fact, such is the commitment to making next year’s event bigger and better, Kevin insists that planning began immediately after the 2017 edition. He said: “Preparation for next year’s tour pretty much started the day after this year’s tour finished.

“It’s all about engaging with people as early as possible, to get something in their calendar, so they know that the tour is happening again and they can start talking to their members of staff and volunteers and prepare them nice and early.

“It’s a never-ending job for us, but we don’t mind that at all”.

True to his word, Kevin is currently in the process of finalising the next big event which Sports Tours is hosting. He concluded: “We’ve got the UK Fast City of Salford 10k which takes place at media city on Sunday 3rd September.

“Entries are still open, and we’re looking at about a 4,000 capacity field, so some and join us if you want to”.

Those wishing to take part in the event can find out more at