Burglars on the run in Stalybridge – crime figures indicate
Monday 28th August 2017 @ 11:33 by Nigel P.
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Police in the Stalybridge South area have scored a success in the reduction of burglaries, both domestic and non domestic, with a reduction to a combined total of only 16 burglaries in the previous three months, compared to  26 offences in the same period last year.


However police say Mottram Rise Estate continues to remain as a burglary hot spot with 8 out of the 14 domestic burglaries occurring in that area alone.

The good news relating to the reduction in burglary was tarnished by a substantial rise in car thefts in Stalybridge South, which rose to eleven from only two in the same three months last year.

All the vehicles were stolen from the Copley and Millbrook areas while there was a small reduction in thefts from a motor vehicle, robberies from the person were up from two to five.

The incidence of burglary over in Mossley gave less cause for optimism as there was a substantial increase in domestic break ins up from 14, last June, July and August, to 21 this year though non domestic burglaries were significantly reduced to seven down from 29 last year.

Police say this reduction is due in part to the arrest of a prolific burglar Patryk Gutkowski, who was arrested and sent to prison .

 Gutkowski was identified by police as being responsible for several break ins at garden sheds and garages.

Police indicate that part of the rise in domestic burglary is due to a new way of recording crime, which now includes criminal damage to a property and attempted break ins.

Theft from motor vehicles in the area dropped significantly with only ten recorded down from 21 in the period last year.


Police say that following incidents of anti-social behaviour in Mossley partners from across Tameside have come together and have committed to help deliver an action plan to deter these type of offences.

These partners include police, fire service, local Councillors, Tameside Council, Youth Services, Neighbourhoods, Park services, Action Together, Friends of Mossley Park and Prime Active Communities.

The combined agencies have  promised not to take a short-term fix approach or move the problem from one part of an area to another.

Police are continuing to work with British Transport Police to stop those youths from outside Mossley boarding trains to the town to add to the problems.

Meanwhile  agencies are looking to provide diversionary activities to change behaviour  for local youth.

They are focusing on building positive relationships and are holding workshops for parents and working with local schools.

They believe adopting this strategy in Mossley can make the difference that is needed.

In the short term agencies are looking specifically at issues of off road motor bikes in the Crowswood Drive area and working  to address this problem.