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In Memory of Martyn
Thursday 31st August 2017 @ 14:56 by Lee Wild
Ashton Hyde Sports

The name of Martyn Hett, who was tragically killed in the Manchester Arena attack, will live on through a special trophy named in his honour.

The ‘Martyn Hett Memorial Trophy’ will be awarded to a Sportsperson or team in the borough in November of this year, before becoming an annual event.

The Martyn Hett Memorial Trophy

The trophy was originally awarded in the Hyde 7 mile race but has lay in a back room at The Sweat Shop in Hyde for some time.

It was only found when the manager, David Nolan, was cleaning out the room ahead of the store’s closure in November.

He passed the trophy onto Andrew Richardson, who runs the Hyde Past and Present group on Facebook, who decided to invite Martyn’s father Paul Hett to create a new award for the sportspeople of Hyde.

Paul is well known throughout the community for his trophy and fishing tackle shop, which sits at the foot of Market Street and has served the community for decades.

With his blessing the old Sportsman’s trophy will now become the Martyn Hett Memorial Trophy, with the winner chosen by Paul and presented with both the original trophy and a personal one from his shop.

Paul is delighted the award will honour his son, Martyn.

He said: “When Andy explained what they were intending to do and doing it in honour of Martyn, I thought fantastic! I’m really pleased to be involved in it.”

Nominations for the award will be open until November, before Paul selects the winner.

Paul said he’s glad that his son’s name will live on in Tameside, where he spent much of his life.

“It’s fantastic because as you’ll probably have seen, Martyn lived his older life in Stockport but he was up here every weekend for holidays and all through his school life so he spent an awful lot of time in Ashton.

“He was here a lot of the time and I’m glad that there’s so many people in different ways wanting to remember him. The amount of people who didn’t even know him, our customers and close friends, they said what an amazing man he was because they’ve been on Facebook and seen these hilarious stunts he did. He was a PR manager which befitted his character and they said what a smashing guy he was.”

To make a nomination for the award, visit the ‘Hyde Past and Present’ group on Facebook at