Ashton Town Centre crime figures show success against ‘prolific offenders’
Tuesday 22nd August 2017 @ 13:31 by Nigel P.
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Ladysmith Shopping Centre in Ashton

Ladysmith Shopping Centre in Ashton Town Centre where overall police have had some notable success arresting prolific offenders targeting businesses and shoppers 



Police in Tameside scored some notable successes arresting several prolific offenders for burglary in Ashton Town Centre between May and August this year against a mixed set of crime trends.

Sonny Shockledge, 35, of Assheton Close, Ashton was arrested, charged and has served a custodial sentence .

On his release from prison he was served with a criminal behaviour order not to enter Ashton Town Centre, for a two year period.

Simon Hawe, 35, of no fixed abode, was arrested and charged for various theft and burglary offences at IKEA Ashton.

A Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) has been applied for if Hawe is convicted of those offences.

Jake Myers, 26, of no fixed abode and Robert Young, 39,  of King Street Dukinfield, have both been convicted with burglary from the Krakow Polish store in Stamford Street, Ashton.

These convictions follow a spate of 25 burglaries of non dwellings in the Ashton Town Centre in the past three months, this compares with only two similar offences last year.

Robberies increased from two last year to seven, while  motor vehicle crime showed impressive decreases including only 72 thefts of a vehicle down from 184 last year and eight thefts from a vehicle compared with eleven in the same three months last year.

Although some of types of crime have increased, police say figures are slightly higher this year because of a change in procedure in crime recording standards and repeat prolific offenders.

Police have also cultivated a better working relationship over the last year with the town centre businesses and partner agencies, such as Tameside Council.

This has enabled business owners to report crime more easily and feel confident that the crime will be followed up and dealt with.

Police report that the ‘Day of Action” that took place on Friday 28th July 2017, was a successful day for both police, partner agencies and the town centre community at large, who all participated in the operation.

The day consisted of predominantly high visibility patrols and reassurance visits to shops and local hotspot areas for crime and Anti Social Behaviour (ASB).

The aim of the day’s operation was to target ASB, shoplifting and begging.

The results of this were a prolific offender Jonathon Wynne, 45, of no fixed abode. was arrested, charged and a Criminal Behaviour Order applied for this order is relation to a ‘ Theft from a person’ offence at Betfred’s in Ashton.

In addition Wynne has more recently been arrested for a public order offence.

Various hot spots were visited and known offenders were spoken to, with names and details gathered for intelligence purposes.

Multiple offenders known for begging and vagrancy were engaged with an outreach approach by housing associa-tions, the Council and police. With future plans to either rehouse, support or prosecute if they refuse to work with agencies involved.

Feedback from the community was positive with the aim of planning more such operations

In the weeks following police have arrested several offenders  and suspects in the town centre including, David Michael Murphy, 36, of no fixed abode, who was  arrested for twenty plus breaches of a Criminal Behaviour Order(CBO).

Murphy was subsequently charged, convicted and sentenced to a nine months custodial sentence.

Stephen Cotton, 35, of Crawford Street Ashton, was arrested and charged for a high value theft offence from Argos,and a  CBO applied for.

Karl Cullen, 43, of Torness Walk Openshaw, was arrested and charged for the theft of charity boxes


Business Watch Meetings are coming up on September  5th , October 3rd and November 7th at 10 am at Ashton Library.