New policing team set up to tackle off-road bikes
Monday 24th July 2017 @ 10:19 by Adam Higgins
Greater Manchester News

A new specialist policing team has been set up in order to tackle issues with off-road bikes which have been hitting roads across Tameside and Greater Manchester recently.

The new Safer Roads Targeting Team at Greater Manchester Police will be on hand for community officers if off-road bikes are being used illegally in their area. They will be equipped with a fleet of on and off-road bikes and unmarked cars to help catch offenders.

As well as introducing the Safer Roads Targeting Team, GMP will also be offering a community ‘toolkit’, which offers information on how they can help the police and other agencies tackle the issue.

The toolkit will be available on the GMP website and includes details of what information the police and their partners need in order to take action against those who ride off road bikes illegally. It is designed to help tackle an issue that many say is top of the agenda for residents in some areas.

Chief Inspector Tariq Butt, who heads up GMP’s Road Policing Unit, said:

“Off-road bikes being driven illegally are a big concern for us and also for the people of Greater Manchester. This new team will help us tackle the issue as effectively as we possibly can, but the toolkit we’ve put together will also enable people to help us do this . We need people to be active in looking after themselves and their neighbours and this toolkit gives people the information that they need to do this when it comes to off-road bikes.”

Greater Manchester Police are currently working with local authorities and residents to tackle the problem of off-road bikes being used illegally.

Measures include gating off areas that are used, putting up warning signs or, if the problem is persistent, ultimately seizing a bike that is used illegally, taking it off the streets for good.

View the toolkit at


By Abi White