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Dukinfield councillor looking for clues as historic sign makes mysterious return
Thursday 20th July 2017 @ 14:22 by Tom Greggan
Dukinfield News

Dukinfield councillor Brian Wild is looking to get to the bottom of a mystery surrounding an old sign that was recently left in his garden.

Cllr Wild returned from a holiday with his partner to find the large cast-iron sign sat outside his house with no note and no clue as to where it came from.

It is still in good condition and appears to have once been in Dukinfield Park. The large, black, shield-shaped is engraved with gold lettering that says: ‘Presented by Mrs Underwood in commemoration of the coronation of King George VII and the opening of this park. June 26th 1902.’

After a bit of digging, Cllr Wild has an idea of where the sign was originally placed. “We used to have a statue of Atlas in the park but someone stole it. We took the base of that statue and turned it into a signpost which was placed outside Dukinfield Town Hall around the year 2000.

“I’ve had a look and the sign fits perfectly around the circumference of the post. It stands to sense that if that came from the park that the sign belonged on there. But that means this sign has been missing for at least 17 years, so where has it been?”

Cllr Wild believes Mrs Underwood could be a connection to W Underwood and Brother, a large civil engineering firm in Dukinfield at that time, but again isn’t sure.

He’s hoping there are local residents or historians who can solve the mystery of where the sign was originally placed, where it has been for the past 17 years and who Mrs Underwood was. Cllr Wild is also working on plans to put the sign back in Dukinfield Park.

He said: “Somebody must know something about it. It is part of our heritage and we will put it up in the park.”

If you think you can shed light on the sign and the history behind it, you can contact Cllr Brian Wild on 0161 308 2685.