Mind the rent gap
Saturday 10th June 2017 @ 13:36 by Nigel P.
Ashton Community Denton & Audenshaw Greater Manchester

Rents between Audenshaw and Aston Moss are amongst the lowest within the metro link map area

Residential rents in Tameside are the cheapest within the Manchester Metrolink network system, according to recent research.

According to the research the average rent of a one-bedroom property along the Metrolink line between Audenshaw and Ashton Moss are the cheapest within the whole network.

The average cost of rent in these areas is £376 and has actually decreased by £47 in recent months.

Meanwhile rents recorded in Central Manchester in Market Street and Victoria were the highest, reaching prices of £895 and £812 respectively. Those rents even out did the leafy suburbs of Altrincham that average around £700.

The research overall points to a bolstering of rents where ever the Metrolink line reaches, improving rents in formerly undesirable areas such as the Langworthy district in Salford, where rents have now increased by £100 since 2015.

In certain cases though rent increases could also be due to other factors such as the the establishment of the BBC at nearby Media City, as in the case of Langworthy.

There can also be big differences between areas separated by just one tram stop as the difference between Monsall and Victoria highlighted.

Again there are factors beyond the Metrolink at work, the Victoria district has a high volume of private developments in a vibrant part of the city.

Monsall is largely a socially deprived area with little private rental accommodation available, but with a lot of social housing with typically low and controled rents.

Overall though higher and increasing rents seems to point to a desireability of renting in areas where there is greater mobility and connectivity to other parts of the Greater Manchester. area

In this Manchester is no different than other great metropoli such as London, where proximity to established travel facilities such as the Underground or overland railway stations, generally endows an area with enhanced value.

Meanwhile despite the cheapest pockets of rent being in Tameside, the cheapest rents overall are currently to be found on the Rochdale Metrolink line, where properties there achieve an average rent of just £429.

The research was conducted by the Altrincham based Digital Media team who developed a map depicting the layout of the Metrolink system based loosely on the iconic London Undergraound map.