Greater Manchester business community react to election result
Monday 12th June 2017 @ 13:07 by Adam Higgins
Greater Manchester News

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce says a Government must be formed as quickly as possible and balance a successful Brexit negotiation with sustaining a strong economy.

It comes after last week’s shock General Election outcome which resulted in a hung parliament and left the Conservatives as the biggest party, trying to form a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

Now, Greater Manchester Chamber has given its initial reaction to the news.

Chris Fletcher, its Marketing and Policy Director, said a hung parliament is the worst case scenario and makes the overall picture even less stable for business and Brexit.

He said: “From any perspective the prospect of a hung parliament is the worst case scenario. For business at a time of existing huge uncertainty around Brexit – the reason the Prime Minister went to the polls in the first place, all it seems this election has done is make the overall picture even less stable.

“The most urgent thing now is for a government to be formed and they must then quickly buckle down to the task in hand of balancing the needs of a successful Brexit negotiation and ensuring the UK’s economy continues to remain strong and grow.

“Irrespective of whoever forms the next government our Campaign Calls, put together from our members views and input, still stand and we’ll be working to ensure that they remain as key asks for the next Parliament.”

The independent not-for-profit private company is the largest Chamber of Commerce in the UK and covers Tameside, using its influence with local and central government to lobby on behalf of its members as the voice of the Greater Manchester business community.