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Ming Jiang “No reason to kill Yang Liu as he was going to marry me” accused denies killing “gay lover”
Thursday 20th April 2017 @ 11:00 by Nigel P.
Longdendale News Tameside

Yang Liu. According to Jiang, accused of his murder, the university graduate owed money to a mysterious gangster John Wong after cheating him in a card game.

Day Eleven of the Tintwistle “Body in a suitcase” murder trial heard evidence from transcripts of police interviews at Buxton Police Station, following Ming Jiang’s arrest at a Manchester Casino.

Following his caution by police officers and assisted by his solicitor, Jiang denied killing Yang Liu saying: “Why would I kill him? I had no reason to kill Yang Liu, he was going to marry me which would have helped me stay in the country.”

This was evidence read by junior prosecution barrister Robert Hall, in which Jiang gave varying accounts of his movements to police and gave further mention of the mysterious Mr Wong or J Wong or John Wong.

Jiang was formally interviewed by Detective Constable Brian Millward and he was shown CCTV of his vehicle acting suspiciously in the area of where the headless body of Yang Liu was found in the lay-by just off the A628.

Jiang told police that he did not know anything about the body and he did not think it was likely to be Yang Liu.

He then told police that Yang Liu was his boyfriend and that they intended to get married in January (the following year.)

Jiang’s English was better than Yang Liu’s so he often took care of their administration and business affairs.

Jiang told police Yang Liu worked as a gay escort and would arrange to leave his valuable possessions with Ming Jiang for safe keeping in case he was robbed by a client.

The last time he had seen Yang Liu was near the arch in China Town in October on Monday or Tuesday (the previous week to his arrest).

He told investigators he been to Yang Liu’s flat to tidy up as Yang Liu was “very messy”.

Jiang told investigators in the previous days he had visited the 235 Casino in Manchester and then visited a Casino in Nottingham and attempted to visit Gentings Casino in Sheffield which he had never been to before.

He left Manchester for Sheffield but did not use a Sat Nav, as he had worked out the route in advance on his computer.

But he explained that he got lost and “it was too dark to see any road signs.”

The engine management light came on in the car so he stopped to turn the engine off, then restarted the car to clear the fault. He pulled over to the left of the road got out of the car to have a ‘pee’.

Then he restarted the car and because he was worried that the car might break down, turned around and travelled back to Manchester, going onto the 235 Casino.

He did not go to see Yang Liu because he was probably with a client and he preferred not to get involved.

Jiang added: “Yang Liu had a strange taste for  ‘Kinky Sex’.

He did not ring Yang Liu when he was involved in his business because he did not want to disturb him, he thought Yang Liu might come back tomorrow.

When asked, he told police he was reluctant to give them the Personal Identification Number to access the mobile phones in his possession because they contained “private things”, but he would discuss it with his legal representative.

In a second interview he was told by police that he would be questioned about his friends and social life it was disclosed that CSI officers had found traces of blood in the boot of his Mercedes and he was to account for this.

In relation to these revelations Jiang continued the next interview by replying “No Comment” to further questioning.

During the next interview police showed Jiang footage of his car travelling in the direction of Sheffield and then back to Manchester and the journey fitted into the time frame of the journey to the location where the headless body was located.

Later police told Jiang that a comparison had been made with blood samples taken from the body and DNA taken from items in Yang Liu’s apartment, it was explained that the bood samples matched.

Further questions were met with “no comment”. He was then interviewed on Saturday, October 22nd, and he was asked about his movements between October 6th to the 9th.

He was also asked about some blood stained ladders that were found out side his flat in Beswick.

Ming Jiang’s flat in Beswick, where he claimed he came home to find two men waiting in his flat with two suitcases one large one small. One of the men was known to him as John Wong, the other he did not know.

Jiang was shown photographs of the ladders and in relation to his movements he said: “I do not have good memory for dates” and then “no comment”. He was asked again for the PINs  for the mobile phones that had been recovered from him.

Police investigators also asked him to explain the blood found in his flat in Beswick and about remaining body parts that have still to be found, but the interview ended without any answers to the questions.

Just after 7pm Jiang said he had information that he would like to share on the case but he needed some assurance from the police regarding his safety and that of his family in China.

The police replied they were not in a position to give those assurances.

Jiang said “I did not kill Yang Liu” but he was too frightened to say what happened, adding “I did not witness what actually happened to Yang Liu” but on Saturday the 8th of October two men one Yang Liu’s friend (John Wong) the other he did not know, were at his flat in Beswick.

They had been  cleaning up blood from the floor and there were two suitcases in the living room. After a time the man he did not know left the flat with the smaller of the suitcases.

Jiang said he then went to bed to sleep when he awoke he tried to move the larger of the suitcases and it was very heavy.

Later he asked the male he knew, who he revealed to be John Wong to whom he had referred to before, when asked by a detective who else had driven his Mercedes car “why he was cleaning up?”

Wong is said to have replied “Why, is it not a good enough job?”

Jiang said he left the flat to go to the 235 Casino when he returned Wong asked him to give him a lift.

When he asked Wong “what was in the suitcase, gold or a goat? Wong became very aggressive telling Jiang to “shut up”.

Wong then left the flat with the larger suitcase. When he returned Jiang asked Wong about a spot of blood on the ceiling, at this point Jiang again asked the police for assurances concerning his safety.

Jiang then continued with his account saying Wong had taken his ID with his family details in China, continuing he said Wong was mad with Yang Liu because he acted as a dealer in a card game where Wong thought the cards were fixed against him, in which he lost £60,000. He said Yang Liu now owed him £120,000 and 60,000 euros.

Wong then showed Jiang a note from Yang Liu instructing him to pay Wong on his behalf.

He had one month to pay and if he did not pay then Wong said: “He would cut off his fingers one by one,”

The note also instructed Jiang to sell Yang’s flat to meet the debt.

He told Jiang to keep quiet about what he had seen, otherwise it would be “his blood on the ceiling.”

At this point Jiang said: “Why would I kill him I had no reason to kill Yang Liu he was going to marry me which would have helped me stay in the country.”