Where are the limbs? Where is the head? Prosecution asks murder accused Ming Jiang
Wednesday 26th April 2017 @ 07:45 by Nigel P.
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Murder victim Yang Liu

The trial of Ming Jiang accused of murdering his fellow Chinese countryman, Yang Liu, continued yesterday at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester.

Defence Counsel Guy Gozem Q.C. continued questioning his client about blood evidence found in Jiang’s flat and on his clothes.

Mr Gozem said: “There was a lot of blood in your flat wasn’t there?”

Jiang replied: “Personally I did not see a big patch of blood, in my view I did not see loads of blood.”

Mr Gozem said: “But we know now that there was.” Jiang agreed: “Yes.”

Mr Gozem then turned to a pair of Jiang’s old jeans found hanging from the wardrobe in his flat bedroom in Beswick.

This pair of old jeans, belonging to Jiang, had many small specks of victim Yang Liu’s blood on them.

Jiang explained as a size 30 they were now too small for him since he had put on weight.

He was asked why he did not ship them to China as had done with many of his and Yang’s clothes.

Jiang told the court: “Nobody gonna wear this 30 size, small size in my family.”

Mr Gozem said: “So you took them out to send but then decided not to?”

Jiang replied “yes” and told the court how at the time that Yang Liu and John Wong were present in his flat they must have been in the siting room over the back of the settee.

When asked for his explanation of Yang Liu’s blood being found on a baseball cap, Jiang said: “I don’t know exactly, the cap belonged to Yang and it could have been when Yang had an accident hitting the back of his head on his car boot in a car park.”

Mr Gozem concluded his defence by asking Jiang: “Did you attack Yang Liu in your flat?

“Did you dismember his body? Dispose of the torso of that body? Drive John Wong towards the reservoirs?

After each of the four questions, Jiang answered a quiet but emphatic. “No”

Then rising to his feet Mr Peter Wright Q.C. for the prosecution asked Jiang: “Why was tissue paper found covering the spy hole in the flat door?”

“Yang put it there,” said Jiang.

Mr Wright continued: “Did he ask you or not?” ”“No” replied Jiang.

Mr Wright: “Explain why? Did you not ask him?” – ”No”- Mr Wright said: “So every day tissues are stuffed in a spy hole in your flat and you never once ask why? I suggest the reason they were in the spy hole is because someone was seeking to take precautions against anybody trying to observe what was going on in the flat. Because in that flat you killed Yang Liu.”

The first floor flat where Ming Jiang is accused of killing and dismembering his friend Yang Liu in order to access his bank accounts. Mr Liu’s burnt body was discovered in a lay-by near Tintwistle.

Jiang answered: “Me killing Yang Liu? I didn’t.”

Mr Wright persisted: “You dismembered his body there didn’t you? Attacked him in a violent episode.”

Jiang stated: “I don’t do violence.”

Mr Wright asked rhetorically: “You don’t do violence? But you do-do deceit don’t you?”

Jiang said: “I don’t know what you mean.”

Mr Wight said: “Your bank credit card fraud, you practice deceit.”

Jiang replied: “Yes, yes. I am not violent.”

Mr Wright: “Really? But you were a desperate person, you had no money, had debtors chasing you and you were reduced to writing begging letters, that’s all true.”

Jiang said: “It is there already, financial problems exist for time before and after Yang Liu killed.”

Mr Wright said: “I have three questions for you, you had money problems you were chased for debt.”

Jiang said: “Which debt? Possible, I never open letters.”

Mr Wright stated: “You sent begging letters saying that you required money.”

An Indignant Jiang said: “To who? I only sent a message to my brother and my ex partner.”

Mr Wright said: “Lets go back to the spy hole, what you say is a lie.”

Jiang replied: “Not a lie it’s true.”

Mr Wright said: “You accept Yang Liu was murdered?”

Jiang replied: “Yes… now.”

Mr Wright: “You accept he was murdered in your flat?”

Jiang: “I do not know where to be honest.”

Jiang was asked to explain about the sofa covers which had been found to have been washed and how he did not know who had cleaned them.

Jiang said: “How can I know when I am asleep?”

Mr Wright asked: “Was not the cover to the sofa wet? Did you not notice that when you sat on it?”

Jiang replied: “Whoever wash maybe used the dryer function on my machine. It is one possibility.”

Mr Wright said: “So somebody – you don’t know who – takes off your sofa cover, washes it and puts the sofa cover back on without you recognising it? According to your account he (Yang Liu) was in your flat for a long time, did he ever go out?”

Jiang replied: “Thursday he goes out with John Wong, Friday with the Malay guys to the bookies.”

Mr Wright: “Which bookies?” Jiang said: “I don’t know, I never go to the bookies never.”

Mr Wright: “You didn’t bother to ask him?” Jiang: “I am not his mum, I am his lover, partner.”

Mr Wright: “ The sort of thing a partner might ask, but you did not because you simply made it up.”

Jiang responded: “I don’t make up anything.”

Mr Wright said: “I say you did, to make your account sound more believable. It’s a big story which is trying to avoid responsibility for what you did to that man.”

Jiang replied: “I did not do anything wrong!”

Mr Wright: “Why did you not mention the trip to the bookies to the police, they could have checked for CCTV images to back up your account.”

Jiang: “Not my responsibility.” Mr Wright: “No you prefer to get into the witness box and utterly lie.”

Jiang said: “I cant remember, they intimidate so much.”

Mr Wright: “There you are facing trial for murder and you don’t say anything about his movements to the police. You  killed Yang Liu shortly after he came to your flat.”

Jiang responded: “I kill no one.”

Mr Wright: “You could have said please go and search CCTV for bookies in the Manchester area. You never said he went out with John Wong, that he went out with his Malay friends to the bookies. Why didn’t you?”

Jiang said he thought he had mentioned some things to police in interview but he could not remember the time or dates.

The court heard later Jiang replied to a ‘We Chat’ message from Yang Liu’s worried mother back in China explaining that he felt Yang should have let her know he was alright.

This was important to him as he did not have the love of his own mother as she had died many years before.

Mr Wright suggested that it was not out of a sense of caring: “But because he wanted to give the impression that Yang was still alive.”

Jiang said: “No if I wanted to do that I could have just posted on Facebook or ‘We Chat’.”

Mr Wright cut across him and said: “To buy you time so he could dispose of Yang Liu’s body… you chopped it up.”

Jiang: “I don’t.” Mr Wright continued: “You dismembered it.” Jiang: “I don’t.”

Mr Wright kept pressing: “You disarticulated the joints like you would if boning an animal.” Jiang: “I don’t, this is disgusting I don’t it’s not for me.”

Mr Wright said: “I suggest you did this because you needed time to start draining his bank accounts and sell his apartment. Where are the limbs? Where is the head?”

Jiang replied: “I don’t know.” to each question.


Report by Nigel Pivaro