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‘Body in a suitcase’ trial hears of third man from Italy
Tuesday 18th April 2017 @ 21:35 by Nigel P.
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Ming Jiang on trial for murder at Minshull Street Crown Court


Day Ten of the Yang Liu murder trial, heard how the accused Ming Jiang was helping himself to a £700 i Phone, by using his alleged victim’s credit card as the police net was tightening around him.

Police who began investigating on October 10th after an unknown body was discovered in a lay-by near Tintwistle, were now watching Miang Jiang’s flat in Beswick.

They were led there after painstakingly trawling CCTV and ANPR images of vehicles travelling to and from the lay-by known as Didsbury Gate outside Tintwistle.

Jiang’s Mercedes B Class vehicle, had been captured by ANPR cameras during the timeframe in which the body was dumped and records revealed it to be registered to Jiang at his Beswick address.

On October 18th. police from East Midlands had Jiang’s Mercedes under observation.

In court today Detective Constable Barry Hall, from the East Midlands Special Operations Major Crime Unit, took the stand and described for the court the circumstances leading to the seizure of Ming Jiang’s vehicle.

The detective and a colleague had observed the Mercedes leave the defendant’s flat at Falconwood Close, where it drove into Manchester City Centre and was then parked up in Cavendish Street, before the driver Ming Jiang entered a restaurant.

The detective followed the vehicle and because it was neither taxed or insured called Greater Manchester Traffic Police to assist in its seizure.

Detective Barry Hall then entered the restaurant and enquired from Ming Jiang if the vehicle registration TF07 ULK belonged to him? He confirmed it did.

The detective told prosecutor Peter Wright that he then asked Jiang for identification and he produced his driving licence and a credit card bearing his name.

In answer to further questions Jiang gave Detective Hall his date of birth and home address.

Hall asked Jiang how long he had owned the vehicle to which the reply was 12 months.

Jiang also gave the detective his mobile phone number which the detective confirmed by ringing the phone.

Jiang asked the detective if he would get a conviction for having no tax and insurance.

At this stage the police were treating Jiang as a person of interest in the “suitcase murder” and did not want Jiang to suspect that their inquiries were anything more than connected to an untaxed and uninsured vehicle.

Detective Hall asked Jiang if he lived at his Bewick flat alone, which he confirmed he did. Jiang was also asked by the detective if anybody else drove the Mercedes, Jiang replied yes there was a Wong J who visited him at his flat and he had access to his vehicle.

Jiang then gave the detective a phone number purporting to be that of Wong’s.

He then gave the detective a description of Wong as 46 to 48-years-old, with dark hair and of medium build.

Describing Jiang as very calm during the exchange, Jiang told Detective Hall, that Wong lived in Milan in Italy and had recently visited him in Manchester arriving on the 9th of October and having left four days earlier (October 14th)





The Italian city of Milan where Wong J or John Wong lives according to Ming Jiang.     Jiang on trial at Minshull Street Crown Court, for the murder of fellow Chinese national Yang Liu, says Wong sometimes visits Jiang at his flat in Beswick and has access to his car when he is over from Italy.

The vehicle was then taken away and impounded and the court heard that at that point the defendant was not under arrest and allowed to leave the area. The whole operation had taken around 40 minutes.

Crime Scene Investigators examined the vehicle following its seizure the next day and small traces of blood and DNA were recovered belonging to the torso that had been discovered at Tintwistle.

Comparisons of tyre impressions taken from the lay-by were a “moderately strong match” to the rear tyre of Jiang’s Mercedes. There was also a moderately strong match made by the front tyre of the Mercedes with impressions taken from the crime scene at Tintwistle.




The remote lay-by on the A628 Where the headless and limbless torso of Yang Liu was dumped last October. CSI discovered tyre tracks at the scene with “moderately strong” similarities to those of Ming Jiang’s B Class Mercedes.



The prosecution also produced multiple admissions of withdrawals made from Yang liu’s bank accounts either in cash or as transfers to Miang Jiang’s own accounts.

The court also heard several minutes of tape that the Crown said was Ming Jiang impersonating Yang Liu in telephone conversations to various banks where the victim held accounts .

In one conversation on the 14th of October a person purporting to be Yang Liu, who was by now dead, was heard to successfully ask for new credit and bank cards and pin numbers to be sent out to Yang Liu’s address in Salford Quays.

This was despite the caller giving a confused account of the correct address to the bank employee. Tapes that the prosecution say are of Ming Jiang were also heard in conversation with the credit rating agency Experian and an estate agent confirming instructions to put the deceased’s Salford apartment up for sale.

Jiang also successfully transferred a cheque for £35,000 from Yang’s investment account to a current account that Jiang had gained access to.

The cheque was sent out to Yang’s address, but did not arrive until after he had been arrested on October 20th.

The crown produced evidence to show multiple transfers and withdrawals from Yang’s accounts into Jiang’s amounting to many thousands of pounds. However it also showed evidence that as soon as Jiang acquired the cash he was gambling it at the casino or at private poker games and losing.

Jiang even travelled to Nottingham and Yorkshire to gamble, until he was finally arrested at a crowded card table in the 235 Casino in Watson Street, Manchester.

Jiang was told he was under arrest on suspicion of murder after the discovery of a body in Derbyshire.

Asked did he understand Jiang replied: “Yes”. He was handcuffed and cursorily searched.

He was found to be in possession of Yang Liu’s passport and credit cards and was then taken by East Midlands Major Crime unit detectives to Buxton Police station where Detective Derek Ellis described Jiang as co-operative throughout his questioning there.