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Murder case revealed to be like the plot of a Hollywood movie
Tuesday 4th April 2017 @ 20:13 by Nigel P.
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Circle marks the spot where the torso belonging  to Yang Liu was discovered.


The Tintwistle ‘body in a suitcase’ trial resumed today with prosecutor Peter Wright QC following up the final part of his opening address.

Mr Wright told the jury that when Ming Jiang was arrested at 235 casino and searched, he was in possession of items including Yang Liu’s mobile phone and the dead man’s passport.

Peter Wright Q.C. stated: “We see that the accused is trying to assume the dead man’s identity in order to sell Yang Liu’s possessions, access his bank accounts and sell his flat.”
Laying down evidence before the jury that connected Ming Jiang to the disappearance, murder and disposal of his body, Mr Wright told the court that when Jiang’s Addidas training shoes were examined blood matching Yang Liu’s was found.

Wright continued: “Evidence is beginning to build up and officers then searched Jiang’s’ flat in Beswick.”
There Police find evidence of an extensive clean up operation, despite this, many traces of blood were found and on examination there was a mix of DNA matches belonging to Yang Liu and Ming Jiang.
Blood was found on the kitchen wall and floor and also on a radiator and patio doors and on the ceiling of the kitchen area.
Mr Wright explained to the Jury the four different types of blood that had been recovered bearing the dead man’s DNA.
There was contact blood, drips of blood, cast off blood and impact blood patterns.

Mr Wright continued: “This evidence tells us that despite attempts to cover up his deed, Jiang had not been able to cover his bloody deed with each blood pattern telling its own story.”

When the sofa covers were pulled back they revealed further blood traces and other blood evidence.

Items taken away for examination also recovered blood matched to the victim – that was found on sandals, a cap and a bomber jacket.

The blood taken from the jacket matched samples taken from the body part found at the lay-by in Tintwistle so connecting the flat with the disposal site. A swab taken from a box matched DNA of Yang Liu, there was also a blood spot that when further examined had a print from a hand and when compared matched Miang Jiang’s print.

An examination of the bathroom revealed marks that matched that of the deceased, this is evidence of dismemberment.

Mr Wright emphasised: “What better place to conduct such an exercise but a bathroom?”
Mr Wright added: “There was an impressive array of cleaning products in this little flat” but even that could not conceal the evidence left behind by the blood and the DNA which linked the deceased’s presence there.
After the discovery of this evidence Police started to conduct a financial investigation into Jiang which reveals Ming Jiang had purchased gambling chips worth £178,000 at 235 Casino.

Mr Wright commented: “Not bad for a man behind chased by creditors.”
Police also discovered that Jiang owed £273,000 following losses at 235 casino and Gentings Casino but in days following Yang Liu’s disappearance he had reclaimed watches he had pawned for £15,000.

Furthermore Jiang met a gambling friend on the evening of the ninth of October and repaid £250 of a £300 debt he owed to him.
The friend commented he looked tired and asked why he had taken so long to get down to the Casino?

‘Apartment of horror’ where the prosecution allege the body of Yang Liu was dismembered after he was murdered there.

Jiang told him he had been travelling from London, which the prosecution told the court was a lie because CCTV and mobile phone records placed him elsewhere, in the vicinity of the A628 and East Manchester.

An employee of 235 Casino who looked after the hospitality of big spending gamblers sent Jiang a text asking where his Chinese friend was? (meaning Yang Liu) suggesting he bring him to the restaurant.
Jiang replied by text “that Yang Liu was a Cheeky [email protected]***d, as he had asked him for a money loan and then had disappeared still owing him.”

Jiang who had already according to the prosecution made one aborted trip to Yang Lui’s apartment having mistakenly arrived at the wrong address two floors down from Yang’s apartment, proceeded to pester the employee for Yang’s address.
The Casino employee did not reveal the address and spent several days fobbing Jiang off.

Several days later when the accused was seen by the employee who said he was sorry he had not got back to him, Jiang replied “don’t worry it has been dealt with”.
Of course said Mr Wright: “Jiang was now in the possession of the correct address number. We know that because he was now in possession of a number of Yang’s items and as has been already detailed and we had seen several images of Jiang in the vicinity of Yang’s flat.”

As the details of the prosecution’s case unfolded, the murder and attempt to hijack the victim’s ID began to sound like the plot of the novel and film ‘The talented Mr Ripley’ 
When trying to explain this to police Jiang said the two chinese men were in a gay relationship together.
Mr Wright said: “That may well be and culturally it may be preferable to keep it quiet from family and people back in China but we say this is all a smokescreen.
“If it were true how come he did not know where his partners flat was? Would you not ask where do you go back to at night?
“He used the story of the gay relationship to explain later to police why he was in possession of so many of Yang’s items claiming his partner used gay dating sites to go with older Chineses men for sex.”

He would leave his valuables with him in case he was robbed is what Jiang told police.

The prosecution dismissed this as a slur on the dead man who cannot answer back from the grave.
The prosecutor told the court a little later how Yang Liu’s mother sent her son a worried text message saying “Yang Yang can we talk I am very worried about you” – “did he call a concerned mother of his so called partner back to quickly put her concerns to rest? No, he waited and then sent a text saying ‘I okay’ some time later. “If he was so concerned about his partner in this relationship, you might think he would be keen to get in touch with his partner’s mother,” commented Mr Wright.

Ming Jiang on trial for murder at Minshull Street Crown Court







The prosecution then told the court Jiang gave no less than seven different accounts to police in interview, attempting to explain away blood and DNA evidence linking him to Yang’s murder and the embezzlement of his assets.

The main thrust of these explanations was the introduction of another man John Wong as a key player in events – the prosecution maintain Wong  is a fiction a convenient invention to direct responsibility away from himself – but Jiang maintains that Wong who he describes as a muscular Chinese man in his mid forties, well connected in the underworld, maintained an unhealthy influence over both him and Yang Liu.

That Yang Liu had disappeared owing Wong money and Liu had instructed him to pay it back by disposing of his assets.

If he did not do as he was told Jiang is alleged to have said in interview Wong would chop off his fingers.

Tomorrow the counsel for the defence will begin his opening address setting out the defence.