Tintwistle murder accused’s arrest uncovered a long history of fraud
Friday 21st April 2017 @ 10:31 by Nigel P.
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The first floor flat where forensics teams  carried out tests in the investigation into the murder of Salford man Yang Lui whose dismembered and burnt body was discovered in a lay-by.                                                                                                 The investigators found blood and DNA belonging to the victim at the flat and later also found stolen credit cards and identification documents that connected the accused Ming Jiang to several fraudulent transaction over many years. 


Minshull Street Crown Court, heard how Ming Jiang accused of the murder of his fellow countryman Yang Liu last October, had been involved in multiple credit casrd frauds over a number of years.

The revelations came when the court was told that despite Jiang having no previous convictions, cautions or warnings recorded against him in the UK, police had uncovered a large number of stolen credit cards when searching his flat.

Investigators then matched several fraudulent transactions of cards and credit card numbers used by 43-year-old Jiang to obtain goods from exclusive shops like John Lewis and Selfridges.

The first fraud occurred when Jiang was working for the hotel booking company, Late Rooms, in September 2010.

An American tourist booked a room in Scotland and gave Jiang his credit card details which he later used to obtain goods worth £637 in one transaction and £707 in another.

He made the purchases over the telephone, the tourist reported the frauds to Scottish Police, but the fraud was not traced to Jiang.

There were admissions of further fraudulent credit card transactions on cards reported by their owners to have been stolen in burglaries some transactions were successful and others declined, over a number of years.

These crimes came to light when Jiang’s flat was searched after being charged with the murder of friend and compatriot Yang Liu, 36 on October 22nd 2016.

On  October 28th police discovered several identification documents and credit cards of people of various nationalities including that of a Colombian man.

Police found the Colombian’s passport, national identity card, driving licence, credit cards and other documents in a Bon Voyage bag which along with the contents of the stolen documents was displayed on the court video monitor.

The owner of the documents reported them stolen to police in a burglary.

All this evidence of past”reprehensible behaviour” was agreed to be admitted as evidence by the defence, though Jiang has not been charged or convicted of those criminal acts as they are so much less serious than the murder charge he is on trial for .

However it was allowed as evidence to be brought before the jury of past reprehensible behaviour in contrast with his no offences recorded against him.

Yang Liu Murder victim, his belongings were believed to been shipped to Shanghai.

The court was  told of several consignments of boxes believed to be of Yang Liu’s flat possessions that were shipped to Shanghai in China at a cost of £458, the boxes and their contents have as yet not been recovered.

The court also heard tape recordings of conversations allegedly  made between Jiang and an estate agent on October 14th, in a discussion about selling the Media City apartment belonging to victim Yang Liu.

Jiang is allegedly heard telling the estate agent that he needed a quick sale as he was re-locating back to China.

He valued the flat he wanted to sell at around £220,000 but was willing to take  85 per cent of the value for a quick sale around £185,000,the estate agent said if he was happy to proceed he would arrange for a valuer to come round and take details.

There were several other documentary admissions from the prosecution relating to flat occupancy, phone and utility contracts.

The contents of mail addressed to Jiang since his arrest was also listed, most of which were letters from debt collection agencies attempting to recover monies owed them.

That was the conclusion of the Prosecution case against Jiang and today (21/4/17) he is expected to enter the wines box at the start of the Defence case. (Proceeding)