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Time stands still in Tameside…

Tameside Council has apologised after time stood still in the borough – even though it went forwards one hour everywhere else.

With British Summer Time officially beginning at 1am on Sunday, everyone was informed to put their clocks forward one hour.

But council bosses have had to say sorry after town hall clocks stayed stubbornly still.

The authority has blamed contractors.

In a statement the council said: “In spite of assurances last year, from our contracted specialist clock engineers, an issue has arisen with the town clocks failing to correctly move forward an hour for the start of British Summer Time.

“The clocks had a planned maintenance visit in February to ensure any bugs or software issues would have been resolved.

“Unfortunately, the clocks maintained by them have not moved correctly and now have wrong times.

“An engineer will attend (today) to urgently resolve the issues with the clocks and provide a detailed report on what the issues are with the clocks and what can be done to resolve it permanently.”

We understand the town hall clocks are now telling the right time.

It follows embarrassment last October when contractors moved town hall clocks forwards one hour instead of back, meaning Tameside found itself two hours out of time with the rest of the country and in a twilight time zone of its own.

The ‘clock up’ attracted embarrassing headlines nationally.