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Ten day torture of faulty alarm nuisance signals start of residents noise nightmare
Thursday 2nd March 2017 @ 14:48 by Nigel P.
Ashton Business Community Dukinfield News


Corner Street in Ashton across the road from the old Olympia furniture factory where work involving heavy plant machinery and fires has been disturbing residents  since January.




Yet again the demands of industry and commerce are conflicting with residents expectations of a reasonable level of peace and quiet.

This time house-holders in Ashton are complaining that their right to a bit of peace is being rudely disturbed by ongoing construction and refurbishment at the old Olympia furniture factory on Whitelands Road.

They say the work is creating constant noise and dust pollution from on site fires and even shaking their house from the foundations up.

Occupants of Minerva Street and Corner Street that flank Whitelands Road,  say their encounter with the big din began on Christmas Eve Day when an alarm on the side of a building that once housed the old  furniture works began to ring 24 hours a day, all day and every day for 10 days without stop.

Complaints to Tameside Borough’s Environment Department fell on deaf ears over the holiday period, and residents were stuck with the cacophony until eventually one of the residents Kieth Gardener of Corner Street  confronted one the new owners who apologised profusely and promised to eliminate the noise.

The day after the encounter with the owner, the alarm stopped ringing and was repaired, but then worse was to come, in the form of heavy plant machinery which commenced to break up the asphalt on the work’s car park in preparation of a new surface to replace the old one.

Two mounds of broken concrete mark the spot where the work is being carried out and work is also believed to be taking place inside the prefabricated building.

The noise has been compounded by swirling dust and smoke from numerous fires that have been lit to get rid of waste and rubbish.

Dumper trucks and skip trucks have made countless trips to remove excess waste.

A resident od Minerva Street who works nights even had to leave her house to visit friends in London on her days off because she just could not get any respite.

The lady who did not want her name published said: ” It is so bad for our row of houses, the whole house shakes when the heavy plant is in action.”

Following numerous complaints, the Council’s Environment Department intervened and has spoken to the developers M3 Construction telling them there should be no more fires and work should be strictly limited from 8 .00am to 5.00pm.

They have written  to  the residents to tell them that the developers hope to complete the work on the site by March 4th but none of the residents are holding there breath.

The Tameside Reporter contacted M3 Construction on Friday, 24 February and then again on Monday 27th, asking them if they could confirm that the work would be completed by March the 4th.  The company’s receptionist told us she was not sure what site it was and if the company were in fact working on the that site.

We were promised a call from the company to clarify matters later that day but so far we have not received any communication from them.

Norma Gardner Corner Street resident said: “Nobody would be more pleased to see the work completed by then, it has been six weeks of hell but just looking at the amount of rubble to be shifted I some how doubt it.

“You might have thought that the developers could have given us some kind of warning in a letter or something.”

“But they just went ahead and created all this disturbance.”

“We knew when we came to live here we would be facing an industrial estate and having run a pub for years we can cope with a certain amount of noise, but this has been off the scale.”

“What annoys me is that if  a resident does anything that is out of line the Local Authorities are on you straight away, whereas if you are a big business they seem to able to get away with it.”

We have since learnt that Tameside Council’s Environment Services Department have served an abatement notice on the new site owners and M3 Construction Ltd as Environment Service officers observed a rubbish fire at the back of the site following warnings to stop.

The Environment Service has promised to keep the site under observation to ensure there are no breaches of the notice with further fires or indeed noise out of permitted working periods.