Fixed Penalties Enforced for Litter Bugs
Friday 17th March 2017 @ 16:01 by Adam Higgins
News Stalybridge Tameside

Tameside Council has issued more than 50 fixed penalty notices in the last two weeks to litter bugs, it has been revealed.

The news comes as contractors continue to plague areas around Millbrook in Stalybridge (pictured).

As previously reported, the Grove Road area has been hit by builders dumping rubbish at the site.

However, council enforcement officers have been given a helping hand in catching some of the culprits, with local people’s personal details discovered amongst the rubbish inside black bin bags.

This week Deputy Tameside Council leader, Cllr John Taylor, repeated his appeal for residents to help them crack down on the offenders.

He suggested that advertisements appearing on Facebook and local street signs which offer to remove rubbish from homes for as little as £1 per black bag, should be avoided at all costs.

“There is no way they could do this and pay a tipping fee at any official tip.

“Our enforcement regime is working effectively with other agencies and we are issuing a record number of fixed penalties,” he added.

Many victims could be paying twice – the initial fee for rubbish to be removed, and the fixed penalty after the fly tipping has been discovered.

Cllr Taylor went on to say: “Many black bags have been fly-tipped, but thankfully we are finding lots of names and addresses inside them, resulting in fixed penalties for the rubbish owners.

“We have issued more than 50 fixed penalties over the last two weeks and not all of the rubbish is being dumped by cowboy contractors, but by residents placing bags on streets across Tameside.

“Official contractors are licensed by the government via the environment agency to carry and dispose of waste, but unofficial contractors can have their vehicles taken and crushed if caught and receive fines up to £1,000.”

The message is clear, if anyone tries to remove waste through any means other than the official channels, the council will do their utmost to financially penalise them.