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Audenshaw pupils put school dinners to the test
Monday 13th March 2017 @ 16:25 by Tom Greggan
Denton & Audenshaw News

For most of us school dinners bring back memories of sloppy semolina and lumpy custard – but not the students at Audenshaw School.

Ten lucky students have been chosen to act as food critics for the school and will work with teachers and staff at Cucina, the school’s canteen, to develop the choice of food on offer.

And that means the 11 to 16 year olds will have the chance to try out some tasty treats as they help to create exiting new menus.

Ken Howard, Executive Chef of Cucina said the creation of the new foodie group would provide valuable insights into the kinds of meals the students want to tuck into: “School dinners have changed dramatically in the last few years and there’s much more emphasis on choice, meeting different tastes and encouraging students to eat healthily.”

“The boys have always been keen to tell us what they like and what they don’t, and the foodie group panel will give us the opportunity to dig deeper and really engage with the students so we can create dishes that really appeal to them.”

The boys, chosen by their classmates from Years 7 to 11, will act as ‘foodie group ambassadors’, gathering student opinions on school meals ahead of regular meetings and conducting tasting sessions to select new items to be added to the menu.

Ken added: “It’s a great opportunity for the students to learn more about how we put our menus together and to help shape them.

“We hope it will help the boys think much more about the sorts of food they eat and teach them about balancing healthy food choices with the occasional treat.”