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Police praise for cool headed house holder who led silent cops to burglars
Wednesday 22nd February 2017 @ 17:46 by Nigel P.
Ashton Community News

Police praised a house holder, who spotted two burglars attempting to break into his property in Ashton for his calmness that helped them catch one of the criminals .

The man who was disturbed from his sleep at around 3.00am observed  two men, both said to be aged in their forties in his back garden trying the shed door.

The men had a good look around the garden and shed area, before deciding to turn their attention to conservatory door and attempting to force it to enter the property during the small hours of Tuesday morning.

The house holder had the presence of mind not to switch the lights on and confront the burglars, but simply and quietly phoned the police service on 999 and gave his details and a narrative of what he was witnessing.

While the house holder was on the phone the burglars continued their attempt to effect entry oblivious to the fact that they had been rumbled and that the police were on their way to the crime scene.

The police approached the crime location in Ashton  without their sirens sounding and blue lights flashing so as not to alert the burglars  who were blissfully unaware  that police were fast approaching.

Meanwhile the house holder calmly remained in the shadows of darkness, even as the burglars came closer to gaining entry to his property, his patience and coolness paid off as the police arrived in the nick of time to arrest one of the burglars caught allegedly attempting to break -in.

The  alleged burglar was taken into custody and is still undergoing questioning about similar crimes across the borough, the other man managed to escape and police are still making enquiries as to his identity.