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Denton pupils go from classroom to print
Wednesday 22nd February 2017 @ 15:02 by Lee Wild
Denton & Audenshaw News

Three young writers from Denton Community College have hit the big time after being published in a regional anthology.

Year 8 pupils Molly Cooper, Aaliyah Cooper, and year 9 student Jhanzeeb Iqbal are set to see their stories featured in the new publication ‘Welcome to Wonderland – Lancashire.’

The key-stage 3 students beat out over 18,000 entries from across the United Kingdom to be featured in the latest ‘Young Writers’ book.

Jhanzeeb’s spooky story “Live Forever…?” features vampires and is set on the streets of New York, Molly penned terrifying tale “Dream Girl” about a girl trapped in a haunted building and Aaliyah’s story is a tale of romance featuring a set of identical twins entitled “My Boyfriend’s Brother.”

The students were challenged to keep their entire story to 100 words or less, a difficult word count considering the story had to include a full beginning, middle and end!

Aaliyah said it was difficult to keep their story short, which meant they had to plan the story in minute detail.

Teacher Mrs Stephenson commended the children on their fantastic storytelling, saying: “In September they wouldn’t have thought about writing a story or reading a book, so the change in their attitude towards English and literacy has been amazing, I’m so proud of what they’ve achieved.

“They were picked over 18,000 students in the UK to have their stories published in an anthology so they’ve done so well, such a great achievement.

“We’ve worked a lot on getting their confidence up in English so reading a lot of different types of stories, different genres, then answering questions on what they’ve written to improve their vocabulary and give them the confidence to write.”