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Criminals thwarted under the sharp eye of the law
Monday 27th February 2017 @ 15:30 by Nigel P.
Ashton Business Community News



Tameside Cops scored a good result against burglars last week with some some help from their crime fighting colleagues in the Close Circuit TV department of Tameside Council.

One prospective burglar was picked up on camera at Greenside  Lane, Droylsden  as he tried to force his way past shop front locks on a shopping parade.

It seems the hapless 28 year-old first tried the lock at Barnardos charity shop, then abandoned that attempt fancying better odds at the Bookmakers next door.

CCTV operators picked up the man’ s attempt to enter the building and immediately alerted police who attended and caught Scott Andrew Knowles, of no settled address in the act of attempting to force entry.

When police examined the scene more closely they found damage to the lock on the Barnardo’s charity shop lock.

Knowles was arrested and was also found to be in breach of two injunction orders and have other minor traffic offences outstanding.

Knowles appeared at Manchester Magistrates the following day February 18th charged with attempted burgalry and has now been remanded in custody until March 8th for pre sentence reports after pleading guilty to his charges.

More recently on Friday 24th another man again seemingly oblivious to the presence of CCTV Cameras  broke into the Big Bite Pizza and Flaming Grill on Stamford Street in Ashton and attacked the till with sledge hammer. Thanks to camera operators picking him up on CCTV, the police were alerted and able to get to the premises in time to find the man still inside, he was arrested and is now helping them with their enquiries.

Commenting on the successful co-operation between camera operators and police a senior officer at Ashton Police Station said: “CCTV is like having an all seeing eye and the arrests are good example of police working with the assistance of other agencies to prevent crime and take criminals off the street, what we like to call a good day at the office.”