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North West-Tameside buck the national jobless trend with worrying increase
Wednesday 18th January 2017 @ 15:41 by Nigel P.
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Unemployment is at a 11-year low of 4.8% nationally with 52,000 more people  in work, but Tameside and the North West in general seems to be bucking the trend with an increase in unemployed claimants in the months from September to November 2016

An increase in 12,000 new claimants in the North West has brought the regional percentage of people unemployed and claiming to 5.3% of the workforce.

Across  Tameside the number of unemployed has increased a full one percent with a 4 percent increase in Ashton – 80 less claimants in Denton and Reddish resulting in a 6 per cent fall in that constituency fall helped keep the overall figure down overall across the borough.

One bright spot in Tameside, was the fall in the hard to shift, 18-24 group with a 4 per cent drop in Ashton and a whopping ten per cent drop in Denton and Reddish and a five per cent decrease in Stalybridge bringing the overall improvement in youth unemployment across Tameside to 4 per cent. When this figure is compared to 2010, then youth unemployment has improved by 51 per cent.

Nationally wages are growing by 2.7% against price inflation of 1.6% and the female employment rate reached a new record high  69.9% with around 750,000 vacancies at any one time.

Looking at the figures from the Office for National Statistics from  the other end of the looking glass, employment continues to run at a near-record high rate of 74.5%, with 31.8 million people in work – an increase of over 2.7 million since 2010, 294,000 more people in work nationally than compared to this time last year.

A government spokesperson said:”The rise in employment continues to be driven by full-time work, which is up by 2 million since 2010. And long-term unemployment is the lowest it has been since 2008 as the claimant count among that group remained at 2.3%, close to its lowest rate since 1975. Youth unemployment is down by over 360,000 since 2010 and the lowest in 11 years.”

A separate set of official statistics released today show that 900,000 claims had been made to Universal Credit up to 8 December, with an average of 13,000 new claims per week in the preceding 4 weeks. Of those receiving Universal Credit at 8 December, 43% were in work.