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Councillor’s determination to round up Cowboy tippers
Tuesday 24th January 2017 @ 10:11 by Nigel P.
Community News Stalybridge


Rubbish tipped at Grove Road Millbrook


A Councillor is blaming Cowboy builders for dumping piles of building waste along a country road in Millbrook.

Furthermore he is sending out a stern warning the council has them in their sights and this kind of activity will not be tolerated.
Parts of Grove Road have been blighted by fly tipping in recent weeks and months.
Tameside Council deputy leader Cllr John Taylor said: “Fly tippers are using Grove Road in Millbrook as a local tip.
“Because parts of the road are isolated it provides an opportunity for fly tippers to dump their rubbish free of charge instead of using our local official tip.
“Builders and most other trades will build in tipping expenses into their quotes, so fly tipping means more profit even though the customer has paid for the service.”
He is asking local residents to be extra vigilant if they spot any suspicious activity along the road and to report it to the council immediately.
Cllr Taylor added: “The reality is we all have to pay as the public picks up the bill for fly tipping.
“Lots of people use Grove Road, although it’s likely most of the offenders are fly tipping late at night or early in the morning.
“But we want local people to be vigilant and if they see vehicles in the area, please take their registration numbers.
“We have enforcement plans for the area and will use the new laws if we catch tippers and prosecute and seize vehicles used to dump rubbish illegally.”

Currently it is free to dump waste of most kinds at the Council’s Recycling sites at Bayley Street and Ash Road Droylsden, if the rubbish is from one domestic property, should the the waste be commercial then the  costs are calculated by the ton starting at £91.15

Illegal waste dumping is big business and councils now have powers to impose on the spot fines of up to £400 .

Stalybridge South, Councillor Doreen Dickenson which covers Grove Road also weighed in saying: “There is no excuse  for fly tipping or littering of any kind and Councillor Taylor is quite right to highlight the abuse. However I do think that the charges at Bayley Street are excessive, as I understand it there is a minimum charge of £76 just to sit on the weigh bridge and then £91 for a ton – if you are a commercial operator.

I feel that minimum charge is excessive especially if a builder or operator has only a fraction of a ton of waste to dispose of.

So while I am not in anyway condoning illegal fly tipping,we have to realise that there will always be those that are tempted to cut corners and these high prices for such small amounts of waste do not encourage those type of people to do the right thing.

There is a private company in Oldham and they charge £5 to go on the weigh bridge if they can offer those prices why can’t we?