Ricky Hatton gives revealing and candid interview to ‘Today’ programme
Thursday 29th December 2016 @ 11:56 by Nigel P.
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Ricky Hatton, MBE,”The Pride of Hyde”  former World Welterwieght, title holder.


Tameside’s very own ‘boxing legend’ Ricky Hatton, MBE, revealed dark suicidal thoughts during a candid interview with the BBC, this morning.

In the radio interview with Gary Richardson of BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, Hatton revealed the highs and lows of his career and the lonliness of a professional boxer who can only relate to his own thoughts as he steps in and out of the ring.

Unlike many other sports, there are no team mates with whom to share experiences and no professional body like the Professional Football Ascosciation who look after the welfare of football players during their careers and after.

When Ricky stopped boxing he admitted it left a “massive huge gap” that he says “he has never replaced”

He bravely revealed that he had often contemplated suicide after a having drink and even when he had not had a drink, when problems surfaced in his life which he felt were difficult to deal with.

Ricky feels more could be done to ensure the welfare of pro boxers, both during their fighting years and after.

Currently he feels boxers are often thought of as a throw away commodity once their time has passed.

On the problem of depression Ricky said:“When you get into the ring, you think I am Rick Hatton, I am Tyson Fury, I can take on the world.

“To honest with you you can take on the world in the ring, but this problem called depression, you can’t beat that- we are out of our comfort zone.” The full interview can be heard by logging onto BBC i Player and selecting the Today programme on Radio Four 29/12/16 .