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New bus stop in Carrbrook as residents’ campaign pays off
Thursday 8th December 2016 @ 11:27 by Adam Higgins
Community News Stalybridge

A new bus stop has been installed in Carrbrook after a year-long campaign by elderly residents to make their journeys using public transport easier.

The stop on Buckton Vale Road, in the centre of the Stalybridge village, was finally made operational a couple of weeks ago, after receiving approval from Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel and Transport for Greater Manchester.

It was requested by 79-year-old Frank Butler, who is on standby 24 hours a day to care for his disabled wife, after he heard the concerns of others and realised there wasn’t a stop close enough to people’s homes.

He previously struggled to carry shopping up a steep hill but, after 12 months of persistence, can now easily access the 343 and 348 bus services from a stone’s throw from his house on Carr Rise.

Frank (pictured) told the Reporter: “I’m very pleased because a lot of people will be able to use it. Before, people had to get on and off the bus outside the village as there were no other stops other than the bottom of the hill before the village.

“Drivers weren’t allowed to stop anywhere else which wasn’t good for disabled people and my next-door neighbour is partially sighted.

“They’ve done a good job – it’s taken a while but it’s ideal for the school children and pensioners, just opposite the Institute. We used to have a few bus stops before they were got rid of.

“We had a meeting about it in Dukinfield Town Hall where this stop got passed and Mr Pearce has been wonderful in supporting it.

“People who have cars won’t be bothered and there were a couple of people who were hesitant about having the new bus stop put up, but the majority of people were very pleased to hear they were getting a new bus stop.

“The post is up and it’s officially marked out so there’s been no messing but it’s brilliant and a pleasure to use it.

“All the bus companies – First, Stagecoach and Stott’s – use it. Stott’s have said they have always wanted it.”

The 343 and 348 buses run every 20 minutes through Carrbrook and one every hour to Hyde via Mossley – but there are no services after 6pm in the evening or at weekends.

However, Stalybridge councillor Adrian Pearce believes it will help elderly people going about their day-to-day business and praised Frank’s determination to see the bus stop put in place.

“It was at the request of a number of elderly residents, some with disabilities, who found it difficult walking to bus stops further afield when doing their shopping, visiting friends or relatives, or attending hospital,” he said.

“Mr Butler expressed to me he was having difficulty getting around. He cares for his wife and was having to cart bags of shopping up a hill because there was no bus stop in the middle of the village.

“So he has campaigned for it, it took a while for the financial resources to come through but it’s down to his perseverance that he still had the energy to pursue it.

“The bus stop is almost opposite his front door too. It meant two car parking spaces being removed but it’s worthwhile and elderly people will be happy.”

A TfGM spokesperson said: “The decision to install the new stop was made after assessing the suitability of the site and consulting local councillors and people in the immediate area.”