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MP calls for re-think over Denton bank closure
Friday 2nd December 2016 @ 08:54 by Adam Higgins
Community Denton & Audenshaw News

Andrew Gwynne has asked Royal Bank of Scotland Group to reconsider their decision to close the Denton NatWest Branch.

The RBS Group announced that they will be closing the Manchester Road branch on June 15 next year, due to the decline in use in recent years. The closest branch would then become the Hyde branch, almost two miles away.

The bank have released figures which indicate that their customers prefer to bank using the method of digital communications.

Upon announcing the closure of the branch, the bank stated the transition to the increase in digital banking has seen the number of transactions in the Denton branch decline by 23 per cent since 2011; with 56 per cent of their customers actively preferring to use their digital banking options.

The announcement comes months after the branch in Houldsworth Square in Reddish was closed, leaving the former NatWest building empty.

Denton and Reddish MP Gwynne said: “Denton is a busy town that is heavily populated; the nearest branch will be in Hyde which is an inconvenient bus ride from Denton town centre and even worse for those residents who live on the outskirts.

“Despite the shift towards digital banking, there are people in our community that don’t have access to this technology, and will be left unable to access their banking by this closure.

“The banks are a staple of our high street, these banks need to take responsibility for our local economy. I strongly encourage the Royal Bank of Scotland group to reconsider their decision.”