Cooking up the perfect recipe for a safe and happy Christmas
Friday 2nd December 2016 @ 06:51 by Adam Higgins
Community News

An award-winning TV chef is joining Greater Manchester Police’s 2016 Christmas campaign, giving tips on how to create the perfect recipe for a safe and happy Christmas.

Adam Reid, one of the winners of this year’s Great British Menu, has backed the Forces campaign as it launches today, with this year focusing on one of the UK’s favourite past-times – food.

GMP has created four quick fire, no nonsense recipe videos which will be shared throughout December. The first one being posted today on social media and on GMP’s website.

Christmas can be a stressful time – spending money on presents and preparations for the festive season, Christmas events to organise or attend, many members of the family under the same roof at one time. It can be hard to get everything right and make everyone happy.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Every Christmas it is crucial to remind people how to stay safe throughout the festive season. We want people to enjoy celebrating Christmas but it’s important to stay in control and consider the consequences of our actions.

“Sharing our messages in this way will help prompt people into thinking ahead and remember that their actions can have life changing results, for instance reminding people that even the smallest amount of drugs and alcohol can impair their ability to drive – the safest amount to have is none.

“GMP will be working hard throughout the festive season to help to protect the people of Greater Manchester.”

Adam Reid, Chef Patron at the prestigious restaurant in Manchester’s Midland Hotel, is happy to be supporting the campaign, saying: “The key to creating perfect food is about getting the balance right, one ingredient too many or too little or too much of one ingredient and the dish can be ruined, it’s all in the planning.

“That’s exactly how Christmas can be too. Too much alcohol, too much stress, not enough time to get everything sorted and that’s it, it can be ruined for you and your family.

“GMP shares important messages that remind people to not drink and drive, how they can stay safe at home or when they are out and about celebrating Christmas. These are important and these recipe videos are a great way to share these messages.”

As well as giving hints and tips on the perfect recipe, the Force is also asking people which ingredients they think make a safe and happy Christmas.

A specially-developed web app has been produced to allow people to create and share their own recipes for a safe and happy Christmas, which can then be posted on social media.

The Christmas recipe web app will be available from GMP’s website, Twitter account @gmpolice and GMP’s Facebook page.

Christmas cards will also be sent to criminals across the region to warn them how they might be spending Christmas this year if they misbehave.