Beech lands big job at Stalybridge Celtic
Wednesday 14th December 2016 @ 13:46 by Mark Phillip
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Stalybridge Celtic have announced Michael Beech as the new General Manager.

The announcement was made on the fans forum on Monday evening by Club Chairman, Rob Gorski.

Beech, 20, will begin the full-time role in January, where he will, amongst other things, continue his football secretarial role and take control of the financial, administrative and marketing roles too.

Having been introduced to the club through his grandma at the age of four, the former Longdendale High School pupil has developed a keen interest in all things Celtic from a very young age.

Beech, who was born in Stalybridge but now lives in Glossop, is raring to go once January arrives. Speaking to Reporter Sport, the soon-to-be General Manager said: “I’ve been involved with the club for most of my life.

“My grandfather, before he died in the mind 80’s, was director of the club and I also think he was chairman of the supporters club too.

“My grandma was also the finance director up until 2012 – she still comes occasionally now.”

Up until now, Beech has been forced to juggle his time between working full-time for BSA Marketing and helping out at Celtic.

However, the former Hyde Clarendon student will be fully committed to improving Celtic in just over two weeks’ time. He said: “I was previously the club’s football secretary, which I’d been doing since May this year.

“I shadowed John, who was full-time secretary before me, for about two years.

“Before that I was just involved on a match-day assisting where I could.”

With a background in marketing and social media skills, Beech is best suited to move the club forward.

Hoping to increase awareness of Celtic, he said: “A lot of my role will consist of secretarial stuff, because that’s been taking a lot of my time up at the moment, so that will go into my daily role.

“I’ll also deal with the admin side of things, such as invoicing and things like that.

“I’m also aiming to market the club better, because we’re great at some things and shocking at others.

“Social media is one thing we need to look at urgently, and we also need check our emails and output.”

Starting out as a social media apprentice last year, Beech has developed his skills to a point where he feels confident enough to grow the clubs image.

However, big roles aside, Beech still remains, as he puts it, ‘the brew boy’.

Explaining what his role during Saturday’s league visit to Nuneaton Town will consist of, Beech said: “Away games are alright for me because there’s not that much work.

“We’ll be travelling to the game at quarter to 11, so I’ll check that everybody is on the bus and do a quick register.

“The role involves putting the team sheet together on a match day and paying the players afterwards. There might be a couple of pints in there somewhere and a meal if Nuneaton do one.

“I might be the General Manager, but I’m still brew boy because I’m the youngest and most nimble in the isle.”

He continued: “Away games are quite laid back, but it’s an important one on Saturday, so I’ll be on edge.

“It’s a key game, and unfortunately Nuneaton have just found form as well, but we’ll see what happens.”

Despite not liking to comment on the football side of things, Beech praised the cooperativeness of joint-managers Paul Phillips and Steve Halford since they took the job in September. He said: “I don’t comment on the football side of things that much, but to work with they’re both fine.

“It’s been busy -that’s what you expect when there is a change of manager – but it’s working well, they’re understanding people, and I also understand that they need to chop and change quite a lot – that’s what happens.”

Before the big day in January arrives, Beech will continue with his current employment.

Heaping praise on the understanding and encouragement throughout the last six months, he said: “I often took a day off work when it was really busy and we had to sign a flurry of players, but I managed it and I had very understanding bosses and they saw that it developed me as a person as well.

“Ultimately it’s what has got me this job, so perhaps they’ve lost out, but they were very supportive of me when I had to take time off.”

Celtic return to National League North action this weekend at Nuneaton Town. The club are currently nine points adrift of safety.