Ashton MP launches ‘National Living Rage’ single
Friday 23rd December 2016 @ 12:43 by Adam Higgins
Ashton Community News

Ashton MP Angela Rayner has joined fellow Labour MPs to launch the ‘National Living Rage’ single, to publicise the fact that thousands of low paid workers are receiving pay cuts this Christmas.

Cuts have been made by many British companies around the country, including big names like Marks & Spencer, B&Q, John Lewis, Tesco, Morrisons, Café Nero and Boots.

Angela claims some 7,700 residents in her constituency work in the affected industries of food production, restaurant hospitality and retail.

She said: “I am so disappointed by the decision of some of our most famous and most loved high street companies to cut the total pay of their older, longstanding staff.

“Meanwhile, the top bosses of the companies we all know are receiving ever-increasing bonuses and salaries.

“I call on all of these companies to reverse their terrible decision.

“This is a campaign song to make sure everyone knows about the pay cuts in their shops and coffee shops.

“It is not a charity single, although we are glad that proceeds from any sales of the original record will go the Band Aid Trust. Shopworkers want justice and fair pay, not charity.”