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All smiles at Tameside Arts’ Christmas Show
Thursday 22nd December 2016 @ 17:21 by Adam Higgins
Community Denton & Audenshaw News

There never seems to be any kind of stress or nervousness when you go to a Tameside Arts show.

Well, that might not be true for the staff, who were running around to make sure everything was ready and safe for the group’s Big Christmas Show, but it certainly seemed so for the performers who, before the curtain went up, were backstage, laughing, posing and joking as they tried on their costumes.

The performers were made up of Tameside Arts members who have support needs.

They had been working very hard over the previous few months to come up with ideas for the show and learn their lines and music pieces.

Judging by the happy expressions, no one was worried that they weren’t prepared.

As the audience settled in, MC for the night, Carla, introduced the show.

The curtain opened on the Denton Community College stage to reveal a Queen sitting on a chair, with the choir group around her and the theme of the show was revealed – fairy tales!

The choir opened with a lovely rendition of Sunshine and Lollipops and as the stage filled with various fairy tale characters, the crowd merrily clapped along.

The show unfolded over a couple of hours, with the drama including a damsel in distress being saved from a giant, a strolling rain mac covered group, all under umbrellas, performing Singing in the Rain and renditions of Eternal Flame, Like a Prayer and a festive Christmas Medley.

There was a traditional Chinese dance piece, a bit of Strictly Come Dancing, a martial arts demonstration and even a chase around the stage set to the Benny Hill theme tune.

But all of the time the performance came back to the fairy tale pantomime and there was plenty of that age-old panto tradition back and forth between the performers and the audience.

At the end of the evening the whole stage filled, with every performer taking their place to sing Celebrate and the audience, all in great spirits, joined in. At the end of this ensemble piece, the performers took their well-earned bow to rapturous applause and with big, proud smiles on their faces and returned backstage to reflect on a brilliant job.

Once again, the members and staff of Tameside Arts put on an incredible show, but more than that, they made a large group of people feel incredibly happy.

Well done to everyone involved! At last, it’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!