Tributes ask tragic Mum to “Shine bright”
Saturday 5th November 2016 @ 16:15 by Nigel P.
Hyde News



Floral tributes tied to a motorway bridge over the M67 in Hyde, sit fresh and proud marking the spot where just below a young woman and mother lost her life early on a crisp November morning.

The young woman died this Wednesday morning November 2nd just after 7.00 am.

One can only begin to imagine the pain, grief and loss those loved ones she has left behind are undergoing at this terrible time.

We are aware many people who knew the lady will know of her identity and what happened and many more will learn of that through social media in due course.

We feel at this time there is no interest to be served by naming her and intruding on the private grief of her friends and family.

However we felt it was appropriate to mark this loving tribute from her loved ones, to a woman who above all else was very obviously loved and will be badly missed by her nearest and dearest.