The house that Jack bought is up for sale
Thursday 10th November 2016 @ 01:46 by Nigel P.
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coronation street memories adorn the bar of former Street star Bill Tarmey

Coronation Street memories adorn the bar of former Street star, Bill Tarmey


The house that Jack bought is up for sale… comes with bar and pool… but no pigeon shed.

Corrie Legend Jack Duckworth’s house owned by Bill Tarmey the actor behind the TV character is up sale at just under half a million.
The detached 5 bedroomed house in Ashton Under Lyne comes complete with bar and pool and is on the market following the death of the late actor’s wife Alma last year.
The house surrounded by lush gardens, was Bill’s idea of home comforts and though he could have afforded a house in a much more salubrious neighbourhood, Bill reckoned down to earth Ashton suited him just fine.
It was close to the ITV studios and not too far from the mean streets of Clayton and Beswick where grew up and he lived before he found fame.
Bill who appeared in Coronation Street for 34 years, would retire into his inner sanctum and entertain his close friends in a specially built bar with the walls adorned by photographs of fellow street stars and other colleagues from the world of showbiz.


Special pride of place was reserved for Lawrence Olivier,who Bill appeared alongside when the be knighted actor was recording King Lear at ITV.
Bill was just starting his role in the Street and when the legendary actor heard that an actor playing one of his servants had landed a role in the ‘Street’ he took Bill to one side and quietly congratulated him.
Then to Bill’s absolute astonishment, Olivier said: “do you know I would love to play a character in Coronation Street, I adore the woman who plays Hilda Ogden. I would love to do a scene with her.”
The megastar Shakespearian actor made Bill promise he would tell her.
Bill also negotiated several of his Coronation Street contracts at his bar which he sometimes referred to as his office.

Street memories in Bill's former bar

Street memories in Bill’s former bar

He even made a top ITV executive come up from London to negotiate his contract at the bar, as he demanded better terms for himself and fellow Corrie colleague Liz Dawn who played Vera Duckworth.
He made sure the executive was sitting on the most uncomfortable bar stool he could find and plied him full of draught Guinness.
Bill was in no mood for compromise as he felt he and Liz had been undervalued for many years by the company.
The TV executive who had been charged with keeping Jack and Vera in the programme at all costs, eventually caved in to all Bill’s demands.
During his years living at the property the house was host to several parties with Coronation Street and show business favourites enjoying the luxury surroundings including the pool.
Bill and Alma’s son Carl said:” Parting with the house will be a real emotional wrench its been a great home with lovely memories but like my Dad once said: ” Every new beginning is some other beginnings end”
Carl was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in 2009 and was given a maximum of five years to live.. if he was lucky.
Doting father Bill cited Carl’s illness as to why he chose to leave Coronation Street in order to look after him and help raise money to find a cure.
So far Carl has beaten all the doctor’s forecasts and is now in his seventh year, helped he says by his dad, who he says has spoken to him from the grave.
Bill died at his other property in Tenerife while on holiday there in 2012.
The house also boast’s a double garage with a gym and gardens on three sides. The downstairs has three large rooms as well as a kitchen and of the bar and the pool area.