Tameside tots television breakthrough
Friday 4th November 2016 @ 16:06 by Lee Wild
Ashton News

The next generation of TV stars are being discovered close to home in Tameside, thanks to the work of Strawberry Angels Studio.

Since opening twelve months ago, the studio and young modelling agency has gone from strength to strength and now see on average around 400 children a month, from newborns to 18-year-olds.

And now, several of their talented children will be appearing on television sets up and down the country, as they secured contracts with some of the nation’s biggest brands.

Asda, Bensons for Beds and Sofology are just some of the companies that have chosen Tameside children to sell their brand to the rest of country.

The children work on their acting talents on site at the Stamford Street studio where international casting director Lee Mountjoy leads workshops to prepare them for the world of television.

Strawberry Angels children celebrate the studio's first birthday

Strawberry Angels children celebrate the studio’s first birthday

The workshops also include celebrity guests who work with the children to develop their talents. Alice Barlow, who plays Rae Wilson in Hollyoaks is one of the latest to offer up advice to the youngsters.

Kate Laughton, 29, co-owner of the studio says that she’s delighted with the past twelve month’s progress:

“We’ve basically taken over Manchester! I was in the cinema last night and we had two of our adverts on the screen with our children on and there were 5 of our children taking part.

“It’s a bit surreal when we see Tameside children in the cinema in Manchester on two massive commercials.”

The good news doesn’t stop there, as Kate says that the soaps are now looking for talent in her agency:

“We’ve had producers of massive soaps come that are scouting our children.

“We’re getting regular briefs with these soaps after seeing the kids here and what talent they’ve got to offer.”

Despite the rapid growth of the studio and agency, Kate says she doesn’t advertise, relying solely on word of mouth from pleased parents.

She also says that the studio has done well attracting talent, whilst remaining in Tameside unlike other agencies which choose to base themselves in big cities:

“I think it gave us a disadvantage originally but now I think people see past the fact that we’re based just in Tameside and now people are travelling from all over.

“We had people from Liverpool last week; we had people travel up from Portsmouth a few months ago.

“We’ve just had a workshop here where we’ve had three very well respected and well known photographers, and photographers have travelled from all over the country to come and work with them in the studio.

“It’s now getting a name for itself where people want to come and be seen by ourselves and be part of the Strawberry Angels team.”

Strawberry Angels are still looking for budding actors and actresses. Think your child has what it takes? Book a free test shoot on the Strawberry Angels website.