Playground crisis school’s parents in direct plea to Council Leader
Thursday 24th November 2016 @ 10:15 by Nigel P.
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Parents of Russel Scott school are appealing  directly to Council leader Kieron Quinn to sort out the school’s ongoing problems regarding a suitable recreation and playing area for the 400 children attending.

Two weeks ago two young children were injured while trying to play in what are clearly overcrowded school yards.

One 7-year-old boy fell over a large rubber support for temporary fencing that surrounds the larger of two playgrounds, breaking his hand.

Jack Mackinnon who broke his arm in two places after falling over another boy in Russell Scotts over crowded playground

Jack Mackinnon who broke his arm in two places after falling over another boy in Russell Scott’s over crowded playground

In the other accident  six-year-old boy Jack Mackinnon, fell over another child in an even smaller school yard, catching his hand in the steel mesh of the fence resulting, in two broken bones in his arm.

Now Jack’s mother Sarah is appealing directly to Council leader Quinnn to consider the effect that these accidents, which she believes should have been avoidable, will  have on the emotional well being of the children concerned.

Sarah said:” On the face of it, people may consider oh it is just a broken arm or hand, they will get over it. But there is also the emotional trauma for a young child. The child’s experience of going to the hospital seeing the bones all out of place, having to have them reset, must weigh on a young child’s mind.

“Then with  Jack he has had to have a steel rod inserted in his arm to reset the bones properly, which remains in the arm for a few weeks.

“Until yet another trip to the hospital to have an operation to have the rods removed, and hope that the bones have reset properly.”

“This is bound to have some effect on a young child which is not only a worry, it is infuriating when we know that the accident was totally avoidable and only brought about by too many children being in one place.

“I would ask Kieron Quinn as leader of Tameside Council to consider this and ask how he can allow the situation to persist after so long?

“How many more accidents does there have to be before we get change?

One of Russel Scott’s school yards showing the over crowding of the playground


Miss Mackinnon has written an email to Council Leader Quinn asking him to consider the trauma that children endure after experiencing such accidents.

Four hundred children are trying to have their recreation time in a space designed for only 120

The playgrounds’ both have a ball and toy bans on them  because of the numbers and have had – since the school  was signed off as fit for purpose, following a major refurbishment.

Despite a bill of several million from building and management company Carillon, the school has been beset with problems since it was signed over nearly two years ago.

In spite of the pleasing modern look of the school building, there have been incidents of raw sewage emerging from the pipe work.

The school’s problems came under the spotlight again in Mid September when torrential rain flooded the yards and paths with thick grey sludge as building debris blocked up the storm drains.

Grass grass grass everywhere but not a blade to play on.

Grass grass grass, everywhere ! but not a blade to play on.

Parent Colin Prescott told the Reporter “it is not acceptable, the children have not had a proper playing field since the school was signed off 18 months ago, the playground that consists of hardstanding to the side of the school is completely inadequate for a school of 400 children

Another parent Ruth Carsberg said: at the time: “The field should not have been left unfinished by the contractors, if I had a house built and it did not meet building regulations Tameside Council would not sign it off, how come they saw fit to sign the school off ?”

A campaign for decent playing fields has since been launched by the parents who have raised a petition earlier this month.

The accidents happened subsequent to the campaign starting.

The school refurbishment project and the subsequent management  and maintenance of the school lies with the construction and facilities company Carillon, with whom Tameside Council have an ongoing relationship.

Parents have also engaged the support of Denton and Reddish MP Andrew Gwynn who is due to visit the school on Friday 25 th of November.