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Ferguson re – ‘United’ with his greatest fans
Wednesday 23rd November 2016 @ 09:00 by Nigel P.
The BMW driven by a drunk driver into the Birks front room.

The BMW driven by a drunk driver into the Birks’ front room.

An Abbey Hey couple had their domestic bliss shattered by the early morning intrusion of an ageing BMW vehicle, that was driven through the bay window of their neat detached home by a drunk driver.

Even worse than the devastation caused by the mis driven car, the couple were convinced that they had lost their beloved pet cat Ferguson for ever.

Builder Phillip Birks and his wife Gwyneth were fast asleep in the upstairs back bedroom in July earlier this year, when the car driven by drunk driver Andrew Heathcote, lost control on the road bend.

The high powered car ended up  coming through the garden wall and continuing to demolish the front of the house, embedding itself in the couple’s front room.

When the couple managed to get themselves safely downstairs, after negotiating the rubble and dust, their first thoughts were for Ferguson, who they realised had been thrown at least thirty feet from his usual perch on the window sill to the back end of the house.

Mr Birks 80, said: “After the shock of being woken by what sounded like a bomb going off,our first thoughts were for Ferguson who was nowhere to be found.

“We knew he was injured because there was blood on the floor of the back room.”

After searching Ferguson for four days the couple had given up hope of finding him.

Gwyneth said :’We looked frantically for him it was very distressing to know he was out there somewhere and injured and we could not do anything for him.”

Phillip added “We think he had gone off to die as cats often do.”

In the meantime builder Phillip got straight to work on repairing the damage to his home which was estimated to have come to around £15,000.

Despite restoring the home back to normal within days, the couple have had difficulty coming to terms with the unwelcome intrusion with both Gwyneth and Phillip admitting to being “very shaken” by the incident.

Gwyneth said: ” I was a school caretaker for many years and was able to deal with lots of crisis, but this was different, it was like a bomb going off in the middle of the night”


However the couple found some joy from their ordeal when on day four of Ferguson’s disappearance the black and white six year-old cat made an appearance at the kitchen door, badly wounded but on the road to recovery -Just.

Phillip explained: “He had a nasty gash along his stomach, but a small part of it had started to heal ,so we brought him inside and nursed him back to health and now he seems right as rain.”

In the meantime the man responsible for causing the damage Andrew Heathcote, 32 of Kenyon Street, Gorton, who admits to alcohol problems, was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment suspended for a year.

He also received an 18 month driving ban and a six month alcohol treatment order he was also ordered to pay costs and compensation totalling £300.

Heathcote pleaded guilty to driving while double the alcohol limit, having no licence and insurance, and failing to stop after an accident.

His probation officer Sarah Savage told the court  : “He is gutted by what he has done and would like to apologise to the owners of the house.

She told the court:“He has not worked for three years. He has given up taking drugs but accepts that he has a drink problem.

“In August police saved him from jumping off a bridge in Denton”


Meanwhile Ferguson is showing signs of definitely being on the mend Phillip said:” His wound has healed up and he has begun sit back at his favourite place on the window sill watching the birds in the garden in the morning.”

Gwyneth said: “I knew he was better when he began crying for his favourite food- boiled prawns.”

Ferguson himself could not see what all the fuss was about, when we tried to get him to pose for the camera on Saturday, he seemed more interested in the big match between Manchester United and Arsenal broadcast on the TV.

Ferguson seemingly more interested in the outcome of Manchester United's home game with Arsenal than recent traumatic events.

Ferguson seemingly more interested in the outcome of Manchester United’s home game with Arsenal than recent traumatic events.

Like the rest of the Birks family, Ferguson appears to be a big United fan.