Ashton hosts film crew as filming for Crackle’s ‘Snatch’ comes to town
Friday 25th November 2016 @ 15:29 by Adam Higgins
Ashton Community

Ashton was taken over by cameras and films crews on Friday as Little Island Production chose the back streets of the town centre as the back drop for Snatch.

This TV adaptation, of the 2000 film directed by Guy Ritchie, was originally meant to be fully based in London.

A member of the street team, based in Ashton, said: “It was supposed to be based in London and Manchester, but we decided that Ashton actually worked better, it was easier to control.”


Lights, camera action: Filming taking place on Wood Street

Snatch is a crime comedy film based around a heist and the TV adaptation is focusing on taking as much inspiration from the film as possible.

It will have some big named stars such as Dougray Scott, who has starred in Mission Impossible 2, and Tamer Hassan, who starred in The Business.

It was recently announced that Rupert Grint, also known as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, is going to be a part in the TV series.


Equipment being stored over the two days that the filming has taken place

Snatch, the adaptation, is going to be a ten part show based on a group of up and coming hustlers who are suddenly thrust into the world of organised crime.

The show is going to be streamed on Crackle, which is a no subscription needed streaming TV network hosted by Sony.

It’s going to be available on Crackle in late 2017.

By Misha Solanki