YouTube superstar shares success with college students
Sunday 30th October 2016 @ 19:15 by Adam Higgins
Ashton Community Hyde News

Former Clarendon Sixth Form College student and YouTube superstar Tom Cassell has visited the college’s state-of-the-art learning centre to share his success with students. 

Tom, originally from Hyde and a former Blue Coat School student, studied software development at the college six years ago.

It was while there that he started his YouTube channel, ‘The Syndicate Project’ where he filmed himself playing and commentating on popular video games, offering viewers tips and tricks.

Tom said: “At first my YouTube channel was just a hobby, but I really enjoyed making videos. As they grew in popularity I thought it had potential to be more. It became a serious passion and I just ended up spending more and more time on it.”

After a year of producing videos in his spare time, Tom was earning enough money to pursue his interest full-time and has developed a thriving global business.

With his main YouTube channel attracting 10 million subscribers and an incredible two billion all-time views, Tom has worked with some of the world’s top gaming brands including, Microsoft’s XBox brand.

Off the back of his YouTube success, Tom invested his money into properties in LA and Manchester, expanded to a second channel where he posts daily vlogs and co-founded a gaming and animation business with two other YouTubers.

He has also developed his own clothing range, Syndicate Original UK and a mobile gaming app. When asked what advice he would give to students now, Tom said: “I would advise students to treat YouTube as a hobby until they earn enough to make it a full-time career.

“They’ll know when the time is right, but college should always come first. I had a good experience at Clarendon Sixth Form College and it has been great coming back to see everyone.”

Paul Mather, computing teacher at Clarendon Sixth Form College in Ashton, said: “I saw the potential in Tom’s channel early on as his views started to shoot up and he gradually began earning more than most teachers do in an average month!

“At that particular time, YouTube was experiencing rapid growth with creators producing a variety of video content and Tom was tapping into a gaming niche that had yet to be explored.

“I think a major part of his success has been his remarkable work ethic and his capacity to think long-term with the success of his business ventures.

“I always advise students to aim high and pursue what they are passionate about and Tom is a shining example of that. We’re really proud of everything he has achieved. The students have loved chatting to him and taking selfies.”