World Record Breaker Gaz Shines In Serbia
Thursday 6th October 2016 @ 15:17 by Mark Phillip
Ashton Sports

Ashton powerlifter Gary Boulton has returned from the Global Powerlifting Committee World Championships with his seventh world title.

The 51-year old, from Ashton, competed at the highly regarded event which took place in Serbia from 17-24 September.

Looking to add to his growing list of achievements, Gary stepped up to the lifting platforms and competed in the bench press, squat and deadlift movements.

During the championships, Gary managed to squat 345kg before making his mark on the bench press with a world record lift of 262.5kg.

In the pursuit of more glory, Gary attempted a fourth lift in the hope of securing another world record in the masters 3 class.

Gary subsequently secured the title with an impressive lift of 272.5kg.

Progressing to the deadlift, Gary pulled 260kg and 300kg, before ending his stint at the platform with a record breaking 311kg in the masters 3 class.

Gary’s efforts throughout the competition were rewarded with victory in his weight and age class, while also placing fourth overall in the masters.

Reflecting on the achievements, Gaz – who is the ladies team coach and GPC referee – told Reporter Sport: “I only did my first squat and missed my second because I had cramping in my right leg.

“I then didn’t take my third due to not wanting to get injured.

“I did better than expected on the bench but got the numbers for deadlift that I’d worked hard for in training.”

An elite lifter with more than 24 years of experience to his name, Gaz entered the competition brimming with confidence. He said: “Training in the lead up to the competition was the best it could have been.

“I was hitting all my numbers in training and feeling strong.”

Gary, who has trained at Olympic Gym in Ashton for more than 32 years, believes the sport is growing in popularity. He added: “I wouldn’t want to move from Olympic as it’s got everything you need from just improving your fitness to getting seriously strong.”

Attributing his success to his training partners, he said: “Without my training partners I would struggle, so a big thank you to Sam, Max, Cheryl, the #liftforcancer team and everyone at Olympic who has helped me out for this comp.”

Gary believes that powerlifting is growing in popularity, so with his experience and vast knowledge, can he provide aspiring lifters with some sound advice? “Those wanting to take up powerlifting should train hard and smart” he said.

“Train the three main lifts with good form and be consistent about it – there is no magic formula, you just have to work hard.”

Far from resting on his laurels, Gary is preparing for his next competition which is scheduled to take place in Manchester next month. He said: “My next competition is the GPCGB BRITISH finals which are taking place at the co-op academy in Blackley from 29-30 October .

“I’m hoping to break my records again.”