Residents ‘Bring The House Down’
Friday 21st October 2016 @ 11:31 by Lee Wild
Ashton News
The three Somerset House residents outside Oldham Coliseum

The three Somerset House residents outside Oldham Coliseum


A group of residents from New Charter’s Somerset House have ‘taken to the stage’ with an inspired performance at Oldham Coliseum theatre.

Somerset House is an eleven bedroom supported housing scheme in Tameside for people with varying degrees of learning difficulties.

Three of its tenants, Michael Mark, Austin Milne and Josh Haughton, have been working alongside Oldham Coliseum’s head of Learning and engagement Carly Henderson, to produce the show which was then performed in front of staff and actors from the Coliseum’s critically acclaimed production of Jumpers for Goalposts.

The Coliseum has partnered up with Aksa and New Charter Homes to work with tenants at Somerset House to deliver a series of theatre workshops at their base and offer them trips to the theatre.

New Charter Group’s Deputy Chief Executive Tony Powell said: “Our partnership with the Coliseum is about providing opportunities for community groups to engage in areas that have not been open to them before.

“This activity at Somerset House has been very successful and helps to develop and strengthen relationships in the communities”.

Carly Henderson, Oldham Coliseum’s Head of Learning and Engagement said: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with JJ, Mickey G and Big A as they are known in their production.

“It was left to them to decide what they wanted to focus on and it was a ‘school’ theme that they came up with, the emphasis being on school dinners”.