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Water hero – DJ Scott saves the day
Tuesday 13th September 2016 @ 19:54 by Nigel Skinner
Ashton News

The Cavendish Mill building in Ashton was in danger of becoming part of the Portland Basin last night as water from the huge flat roof gushed into a storm pipe that had become disconnected from the drainage system.

Consequently the pipe became a source of flood water as the water draining off the roof area (equivalent to 2 soccer pitches) from the ferocious storm above, deluged onto the converted building’s inclined concrete floor, leaving the water no where to go but down the steep hill which leads to the office entrances of the Tameside Reporter and Radio.

The storm water raced down the broken  drain like a waterfall, then at the point of fracture avoided its designated course to the storm sewer.

The water then cascaded onto the hard concrete floor which then formed a stream to the basement entrance of the Tameside Reporter and Radio offices.
With nowhere else to go the water collected outside the entrance forming an area the size of a respectable village pond.

The water then found its way into the basement offices drenching carpets and threatening to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and triggering the fire alarm.

It seems the day was saved however by quick thinking Scott Bruton, resident afternoon DJ at Tameside Radio.

Scott spotted where the bulk of the water was coming from and quickly sprung into acton using all his strength to join the two disconnected pipes together and so staunching the flood waters that allowed trapped Reporter workers to divert the water that had collected outside away from the building.

Thanks Scott!

Other members of the team spent around an hour with mops and buckets cleaning up the flood water.